Since the early 2000s, extreme sports have become increasingly fashionable. So much so that BMXing and skateboarding have recently been added to the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. As a result, both young people and sports professionals are following the trend in a bid to experience that healthy dose of adrenaline.

There are numerous extreme sports practiced around the world, ranging from the traditional (BMX, scootering and surfing) to the obscure (volcano boarding, underwater hockey and even extreme ironing). This list is not exhaustive, and new variations on popular sports are added all the time. If you’re looking to satiate your thrill-seeking appetite before summer ends, read on for a list of extreme sports that anyone can try.

Mountain Biking

One of the main reasons mountain biking is popular is because it’s so inclusive. There are numerous riding styles to choose from, such as all-mountain, freeriding, cross-country, downhill and even lift assisted. So no matter who you are or what your abilities, there will be a variation suited to you.

Experts claim that mountain biking gives you a better workout than regular cycling, improving cardiovascular health and targeting more muscle groups. Plus, you won’t need to worry about CO2 emissions when you’re riding through the woods.

Where to practice: any wooded area, forest or park. Look out for a mountain biking group in your area for local activities or excursions.


Sandboarding is one of the lesser-known sports in the “extreme” arena. As its name suggests, it is a variation on snowboarding, only it takes place on dunes rather than snowy mountains. Professional boarders claim there’s nothing like sandboarding to give you that rush, but it can be difficult to find places to practice if you don’t live near a beach.

Where to practice: check out these top five sandboarding destinations.


Stunt Scootering

You may not have heard of stunt scootering, but extreme sports fanatics claim it’s the next big thing. Much like the BMX bike, scooters can be used to perform tricks and stunts or simply as a convenient mode of travel. If you’re a beginner, the kit you buy can greatly enhance your scootering capabilities and how quickly you learn the most basic of tricks. As one of the original pioneers in the history of stunt scootering, District Scooters is an ideal brand for beginners, novices and professional riders. With lightweight bars and parts, you can perform tricks with ease and impress those who watch. You can check out this range on the Skates website.

Where to practice: there are now dedicated scooter parks opening up around the world, but you can practice anywhere, as long as you have a wide-open space and you’re wearing the right safety equipment.

Mega Ramp Skateboarding and BMX

If you enjoyed skateboarding when you were young, chances are mega ramp skateboarding will be the sport for you. “Mega ramp” is the informal name given to a large vert ramp structure that is used in both skateboarding and BMX. It is also the name of an action sports events company that organizes mega ramp events all over the world.

Where: Traditional skateboarding and BMX can be practiced anywhere, but you will need to locate a specialized park or ‘mega ramp’ event if you’re looking for the ultimate thrill

It’s never too late to take up a new hobby, and there is a place in the extreme sports world for everyone. Get out and learn a new skill while the weather still allows. Come next summer, you could be a seasoned pro.


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