Do you always have trouble making it to a gym because of your work? Well, it is no secret that today’s hectic environment has made it so hard for everyone to stick to a workout routine. More often, workers are forced to spend longer hours in the office or go through heavy traffic to make it to fitness centers.

If that is your situation, you are not alone. One fact is, today’s working environment and jammed roads make it all look impossible. But that doesn’t give you a better excuse to miss your workouts now and then.

Here are some tips on how to exercise at work

Use your wait time well

Being in an office doesn’t mean that you will always be working. No matter how busy your work environment is, you will always have some wait time. For example, when copying or printing lots of papers, you can take a lot of time waiting.

Instead of spending hours staring at the papers coming out of a copier or a printer, you can take this time to stretch a bit. You can also perform several office workouts such as calf raises, squats and more.

Take tasks that require you to move around a lot

An ever-busy workout environment requires items, papers and many other things to be moved around all the time. More often, the office will need someone to perform a variety of tasks that are not related to what he or she was employed for.

If you are in such an environment, volunteer to be that person. Doing this might take a lot of your office time, but will make you one of the most valuable employees and at the same time, give you an opportunity to get off your chair more often.

• Avoid the elevator

If you want a quick way to get in or out of the building with less effort, an elevator is always your best bet, but not when you are trying to maintain fitness. Instead of waiting hours to join others in the elevator, use stairs, especially when going up.

Just like deadlifts, squats and other exercises, walking down or up the stairs targets a variety of muscles in your body, including leg, gluteus muscles and more.

• Make use of short breaks

Being in an office doesn’t mean you will spend all the 8 hours on your desks. You will have coffee or lunch breaks. Also, you might have to wait time, especially when working with large documents. Instead of wasting this time telling stories, plan on how you are going to exercise.

With that noted, here are the five easy, yet effective exercises you can perform in your office.

1. Desk Push Up

Desk push-ups are among the most effective exercises for upper body that aims to tone your shoulders, arms, and chest. To perform desk push ups. Stand straight, place both your hands on your desk’s edge just like you would do when performing normal push ups.

Step both your legs behind you so that your body is inclined approximately 45 degrees. Lower your torso until your chest gets close to the desk and then push up. Do this several times aiming for about ten push ups.

2. Side Lunge

Another easy, yet effective office exercise is side to side lunge. It is also among the most effective exercises that will work your butt, gluteus, hamstrings, adductors, quadriceps and more. Stand with the distance between your feet shoulder width.

With your hand on your hip, tighten your abs and take a step to your left side shifting your entire weight towards your left leg. Return and then step to your right. Repeat the procedure aiming for 20 reps.

3. Chair Dips

Performing chair dips is one of the best ways to exercise your deltoids, triceps, pectorals and other muscle in your upper body with any complex fitness machine. Chair dips are among the best exercises you can perform during coffee breaks and other short breaks.

Lower yourself to grab the edge of your seat behind you. Lower yourself as much as you can by bending your elbows and then get back by straightening your arm. Aim for 10 to 20 dips and then continue with what you were doing.

4. Squats

Squats is one of the best body weight exercises that will help tone your lower body. It targets a variety of muscles including hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps. To perform squats, find some free space in your office, especially during coffee breaks.

Stand straight with the distance between your feet shoulder width apart. Bring both your arms before you and then lower yourself into squat until your knees reach 90 Degrees and then back. Get back up and repeat aiming for 20 repetitions.

5. Seated Calf Raises

Seated calf raises are among the easiest workouts that will help tone your calves. It is also one of the exercises on this list that can be performed while working simply because it doesn’t require you to stand up, move your body or use your hands, but your legs.

Sit straight with your legs widened hip width apart. Squeeze your calves and raise your toes as much as you can and then back on the floor. Repeat the steps aiming for 20 reps.

The Final Words

Apparently, everyone wants to stay fit, but sometimes, a hectic work environment can make it seem the hardest task. The great news is, your office space has its benefits which are better than fighting through traffic to make it to your local gym.

With all the free breaks, you can always find some few minutes to exercise. So, drop the myth that you can’t exercise in your office, create a proper workout schedule and make use of your free breaks.

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