London is the city that still has traces of its true past still lodged in it’s DNA. It rose up after the needs of the United Kingdom’s industrial revolution became so great in the city, that more and more people found a way to make it their permanent residency. Slowly but surely, little pockets of different communities become to rise, and suddenly you had a mix of people, cultures, foods, music and clothing styles. To supplement this newfound way of living, markets were erected in certain places all around London, where anyone sold almost anything. The cultures and the atmosphere you see today, which exist mostly outside of zone 1 and 2, is what some might say the real London. A hustle and bustle nature, hot food on the go, locals trying to force their way to the top and earn and healthy living. It’s what the city is to most people, and to experience it you have to go there yourself.

Staying comfortable

London is very vast and now, has a population nearing 9 million. As you’d expect, this means that there are a lot of places to stay. However, if you’re visiting you have many options and the kind of stay and comfort level you wish to experience is up to you and your ability. There are of course many local and humble, family run bed and breakfasts that will be more than happy to give you a cosy room, and a hot meal in the morning. However, if you would like to stay in a plush environment and not have to worry about going out for dinner, look at the various hotels in Shepherd’s Bush. There are in fact 4-star hotels that blend long lines of heritage with splendid elegance and luxury. The Dorsett Shepherd’s Bush has a relaxed atmosphere and offers an eight-story hotel with over 300 rooms available to guests.

Shepherd’s Bush market  

Here you’ll find a whole wave of things that you might have been looking all over for. You can buy clothes that you wouldn’t find in any of the major brands. Local stall and vendors have on sale traditional African and Asian clothes that have been designed from people who inhabit those cultures, therefore, you’ll get an authentic taste of that particular culture and country. There are also meat markets, selling cured meats that also have a mix and a slight twang of spice. Many people who have stalled in this market have come from distant countries, and they bring with them, little touches of their culture. However, there are also many traditional British stalls where you can buy iconic pieces and souvenirs for you to take home as part of your trip.

Street food

Around the market, there are various street food vendors that make speciality recipes that may not be found anywhere across London. Experience the juicy and smoky flavours of beef brisket sandwiches made hot off the grill, or how about tangy and spicy buffalo wings that have been smothered in hot Louisiana sauce. There are many choices for you to dig in with.

One of the most Iconic markets, situated in perhaps the most iconic city in Europe. There’s so much to see and do, which means you should book ahead and really plan out your adventure.

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