Job hunting is tough! Your days are spent sending out resumes and attending interviews, but when you still can’t get the job you have been looking for, you may become discouraged. Looking at it rationally, you may not be to blame. There are hundreds of other people going for the same positions, so the chances of you getting picked over somebody else may be slim. However, there could be a good reason why you’re not getting hired. These are just some of them.

You don’t have the skills

In short, if you don’t have the skills the employer is looking for, you have no chance of landing the position. You can either start applying for jobs that you do have the skills for, or you should consider training to give you the skills for the type of work you are trying to get into. Considering most jobs require some level of I.T, you should get some basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Word training. Then you should pursue qualifications and voluntary experience to give you the skills you need to land that perfect job.

You have no passion

The employer will see right through you if you have no passion. When they ask “why do you want this job” at interview, they won’t be impressed if you struggle to come up with an answer. Therefore, apply for jobs that you are passionate about and convey that to the employer. From your introductory letter of application to the interview itself, show the employer you’re excited about the prospect of working for them.

You aren’t selling yourself

While you don’t want to sound smug and arrogant, you should still make an effort to be assertive and share your accomplishments with the interview panel. Tell them why you are perfect for the job. Showcase your ideas for the role. Explain your background and how it fits the position. Don’t be cocky, but don’t be a wallflower, either.

Your resume has large gaps

If you haven’t worked in a long while, there may be large gaps on your resume. Unfortunately, watching daytime tv doesn’t qualify you for many employment positions. However, you can give your resume a boost by taking voluntary work. Should you have been out of work because you were caring for family, you can also transfer your parent skills onto the resume. You don’t want to tell lies, but you can bulk up your skills and experience with a little creative thought.

You haven’t done your research

The employer won’t expect you to know everything about the company, but you should still do a little research before you roll up for the interview. Learn the name of the CEO, find out the company’s mission statement, and know what the job actually is before you apply for it. Show you care a little bit about the company, even if you don’t!

You are giving a bad first impression

You may have done your research, and you may be fully equipped to do the job that’s been advertised, but you aren’t going to impress the employer if you make a bad first impression. So, turn up on time, wear an appropriate outfit, remember to smile, and shake the employer’s hand. People make judgments about us within the first few seconds, so do all you can to impress the employer from the moment you walk into the room.



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