Christmas is coming and now you’re in that quiet stage between ordering your Christmas stock and getting past Halloween so you can start promoting it. Now is the time to start designing your Christmas displays so you’re ready to go in November.

Traditional or Modern?

What sort of shop are you running? Who are your customers? Do you want to hark back to the meaning of Christmas with traditional imagery and perhaps even a crib scene or would a more modern approach be more appealing to your customers? Do you want to create a Christmas display or something more secular?

Generally, with shop displays you are better with a more minimal design. Customers won’t stand close enough to take in minute detail and it needs to look good from nearby and far away.

Where Are You Putting It?

There are lots of places to decorate your shop over Christmas. Shop windows need different designs to aisle ends or checkouts. Decide if there are particular products that you will want to feature as part of the design and make sure to allow room for them to be displayed when setting it up.

To avoid your decorations looking like a complete mish-mash it’s best to stick to a colour scheme and use that for all decorations. Christmassy combinations include red and gold, red and green, blue and

silver, all-white, white and gold, white and silver, and red and green with gold highlights.

Light It Up

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without lights. Even before modern lighting was invented  Christmas trees were decorated with candles and fires were encouraged to burn brightly.

The simplest way to incorporate lighting into your display is to have a string of fairy-lights. But shop displays need to be eye-catching and the best way to catch the eye is to shine at it.

Neon signs are ideal for Christmas displays as they can form almost any shape or design that you can imagine. Christmas is also always a little bit retro and neon is perfect for picking up on that vibe and bringing it centre stage.

Whether your theme is garish and bright or refined and simple there is a neon light that will complement it. Imagine your shop, dripping with tinsel and garlands with a huge flashing neon Father Christmas light in the main window. Or you could have a small Merry Christmas message in neon burning away behind the counter. Neon can also be animated so you can have flashing messages, swinging bells and flying reindeer.

If that sounds horrible then what about softly glowing white snowflakes and stars lining the walls reflecting off the fake snow along the top of the shelving units? Whatever your theme there is sure to be a neon sign that will complement it.

You Need A Tree

With all that extra stock you may think you can get away without having a Christmas tree but they are such an integral part of Christmas that you need to have some sort of tree. Modern trees don’t have to be fir (artificial is fine for your shop floor). Trees can be made out of your stock, a tree of hairbrushes and rollers in a salon or a tree of tools in a DIY store. They can be made out of baubles or spray-painted twigs. Or indeed out of lights. If you really can’t squeeze a tree into your shop then what about creating one on the wall or using a neon sign in the window?

Making your Christmas window display enticing takes some thought, but the rewards will be ringing your tills well into the New Year.


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