Hollywood A-listers and gorgeous, tanned Aussie beauties have always been the ones to set pearly white standards the rest of us worship – and not much has changed to this day. We actively gasp at the thought of Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Portia de Rossi, or Nicole Kidman’s smile and we dream of the day when we’ll look ourselves in the mirror and see a reflection as gorgeous as theirs. But, what happens when Mother Nature decides we aren’t going to have it our way? Oh, well – it’s not the end of the world, that’s for sure! With a number of dental techniques available, there’s so much that can be done to put our teeth in shape – anything from braces to prosthetics and teeth whitening. Still, apart from these well-known techniques, there is one more thing, a quicker and possibly more efficient way to help turn our smile from plain to a million dollar winner. Intrigued? Yes, it’s the type of lipstick we use!

Here are the types of lipsticks to use for the brightest smile in the room:

Ruby red

Iconic and many people’s favorite for a reason, the classic blue-toned ruby red is a perfect option for all the girls who are looking to give their smile an instant lavish touch all while helping their teeth look pearly white. Depending on the rest of your makeup, ruby red can be worn as a statement color or an extra to an already sensational look.

Sailor blue

Girls with a super pale complexion can either look spectacular wearing this shade or totally washed out – depends on the rest of makeup, your vibe, and your overall presentation. So, be careful with the way you apply it, okay? This sailor blue (for the girls who are unfamiliar with this type of shade, it’s much like Lipstick Queen Lipstick, Hello Sailor) is formulated to make your teeth look brighter and whiter, and your face more confident. The shade usually switches to a light plum color, additionally working to your smile’s advantage!



Not all girls can pull this one off, but those who do look absolutely sensational! Sydney girls are all about happy colors that let their bubbly personalities shine, so no wonder Fuchsia is super popular among the gals of Australia. For all of you who aren’t such big fans of red, but still want to make a statement and give your whites a pearly shine, Fuchsia is the way to go. Here’s a pro-tip to remember: a shade of lipstick with blue undertones helps make your teeth look as white as can be!

Deep purple

For all the bold, foxy ladies out there – deep purple is the perfect shade to embrace! These kinds of colors usually work fantastic on all skin tones, so you shouldn’t worry. However, apart from applying this phenomenal shade to give your teeth a super-white look, do make sure you are careful with your teeth care. After all, if your teeth are cheddar yellow, crooked or gappy – the lipstick won’t do much for the smile itself, but only ad an element of drama to your pretty little face. On that note, pay regular visits to your Chatswood orthodontist and you should be fine.

Mulberry Wine

If, like most of us, you love deep berry shades, Mulberry wine shade is the perfect lipstick for you. This wonderful wine-colored shade is a phenomenal option for the early fall and all the girls that have got fire in them. The shade is incredibly flattering on the lips and perfect for enhancing your beautiful smile, especially due to its soft blue and purple undertones. Wear this fabulous color and look like a star!

            So, girls – which shade are you going to try first? Make sure you let us know whether you were happy with the results!



W| By Diana Smith

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