We’ve all been there, an excruciating week of work, barely any sleep, becoming more and more like Steve Buscemi with each look in the mirror. This problem revolves around us forgetting about or just not caring enough for the very thing layer of skin around our eyes. Thankfully, most of the issues are temporary in nature and can be dealt with. To prevent these problems from ever arising, there is a certain routine that must be upheld. And don’t worry, as long as you know what you’re doing, it’s as easy as can be!

A gentle touch goes a long way

When dealing with the eye area, be it applying makeup, creams and what have you, women generally tend to forget just how sensitive the skin around our eyes is. For one thing, it’s the thinnest patch of skin on the entirety of our face, meaning it’s going to be the first area where time will make its mark. This is why applying an extremely gentle touch is crucial to prevent and wear and tear around the eyes. When applying anything around the eyes, try using just the pinky and tapping the product instead of rubbing; this will reduce the chances of tugging the skin.

Use specialized products

You’d think this goes without saying, but better safe than sorry only use products specifically designed for your eyes. Apart from being logical, another reason to do this is simply because we do not know exactly what goes into which product. Just because a product is designed for skincare doesn’t mean it’s designed for the entire body. Specialized products eliminate any possibility of a product causing eye irritation and causing more harm than good. A general rule of thumb is to avoid any products containing retinoids and other acids, as this can end up being too harsh and irritating your skin.

Don’t forget about the Sun

Let’s not forget about public enemy number one the Sun. Whenever skincare is mentioned, it’s there, a massive fiery thorn in everyone’s…well. Just think about how much SPF cream goes into protecting every other part of our skin from the Sun’s rays, why should exclude what we recently found out is the most sensitive part of all? There is a plethora of eye creams that contain SPF for this specific purpose use them. Keep in mind that general sunlight won’t do us any harm, but whenever you feel the need to put on sun cream, do yourself a favor and put some protective eye cream on as well.

The fridge is your friend

If you have the room, keep your eye care products in lower temperatures. Storing these products in the fridge will help achieve that satisfying feeling of applying cold cream on the skin while reducing any puffing in the area. This is the equivalent of the old cold spoon trick, except it prevents us from looking like loons. Take special care to keep them cold enough to pull this off while not overdoing it, the colder the product gets, the harder it will be to apply it on your skin effectively reversing any benefits you’d gain.

Consider new makeup removal strategies

Building on the ideas above, devising a new approach to makeup removal will reduce eye irritation and will help prevent skin deterioration in the long run. If your approach involves a lot of applied pressure and rubbing, consider mimicking the approach at Lash Blossom lash extensions, they apply a non-invasive way by soaking a cotton pad in makeup remover placed over your closed eye for a good twenty to thirty seconds. After giving it a nice soak, a gentle pull towards the lashes does the trick, you’ll find that the soak helps break down the makeup with minimum irritation.

Sleep > eye creams

Get a good nights sleep. No amount of skincare products on Earth can do what a solid sleeping schedule can. Whenever you get the chance, take a nap. If naps aren’t your thing, strive to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, the more you can cram in the better. A proper sleeping routine will prevent the dry, reddish look and will help clear up those bags under our eyes. Make sure to have your head elevated enough to prevent the collection of fluid in your face. This way you won’t wake up with the Buscemi look we mentioned when we started.

The gist

The skin is the largest organ we have. Spanning an area of about 20 square feet, it is imperative that we take care of it. With constant exposure to the elements, our own devices and much more, proper skin care is crucial to resist the tug of time and stay fresh as long as possible. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, everyone can start fighting time on the front lines and the skin around our eyes.




W| By Chloe Smith

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