We all like to be surrounded with a bit of luxury now and then. So maybe you don’t own a mansion and a garage full of expensive cars, this does not mean you don’t deserve to experience the finer things in life. There are little tips and tricks that you could apply to transform your home into a place of subtle luxury, you just need to know what to look for and how to make it all fit perfectly.

This article will help you do just that, with a few great tips you will be on your way to enjoy lavish luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Devil’s in the details

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The same goes for luxury, there are a bunch of little things you could do to make your home feel more luxurious. Start by considering some molding and trim options. First this type of wall decor gives a sense of elevated design. You can just add some crown molding along the ceiling of a room and have some additional details placed in the corners. This alone will give a luxurious feel. Another great detail are the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, by opting for gold or brass options, you will be adding a bit more of a an extravagant look to these spaces.

Let the fabric do the talking

The fabrics that you choose to decorate your home with can introduce that lux feel into your living space. Staring with the living room, opt for several plush options, that will add character to the design. Make sure that your linen choices also reflect that luxury feel, there is nothing more relaxing than sleeping in a great bed with soft linens, it is the epitome of luxury. Finally, don’t forget the towels, by choosing stunning hand towel patterns, like those from the Florence Broadhurst collection you will be introducing an exquisite sense of subtle luxury into your bathroom. This attention to detail is guaranteed to sweep your guests off their feet.

Choose the right focal point

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If you make the right choice regarding the focal point for each room in your home you will be able to create an effortless luxury feel. Naturally this takes time and careful consideration as to avoid overpowering the whole room design. The best way to go about selecting the perfect focal point is to try to highlight an already existing architectural design feature. Whether it is a fireplace in the living room, or a window bench in the bedroom. You can draw attention to your chosen focal point by adding art around it, it could be a painting above the fireplace or some vases on the mantel. Another option is a bolder choice of fabric for that area, something that will catch your guest’s attention right away. Options are limitless.

The Right Art Selection

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This is not an easy task, especially because most people tend to think that everything is art. A painting bought at a local DIY store and one that has provenance are two very different things when it comes to creating a luxury feel in your home. It is better to have several carefully selected items that will elevate the overall feel of the room then to overcrowded the room with art pieces that do not have any significant design value. So before you start hanging your art consider your choice carefully. You could combine several different pieces as long as they do not clash. A strong vivid painting can go well with some sculptures or pottery pieces. On the other hand if you opt for a overpowering sculpture, try to make your painting selection as simple as possible.

So there you have it, with a few little changes you will be able to bring luxury into your home without having to break bank in the process.



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