Who knew it was possible that there would be a vibrant venue in the heart of East London that allowed you to sample a taste of quality food, all while being able to entertain yourself playing ping pong? Yes, I never knew it was possible either; that was however until I was presented with the opportunity to review Westfield’s largest and liveliest bar The Bat and Ball.

The Bat and Ball was made with sporting fans in mind; all designed to ensure your needs are met and there is never any reason to miss a top sporting event. With there being ten ping pong tables, a TV and a pool table surrounded by an epic bar. (which provides affordable drinks and great quality food)

Heading to The Bat and Ball I had no idea of what to expect. As I sped walked into the restaurant and bar it had a buzzing energetic, trendy vibe and was filled to the brim with lots of people. The music was playing and I immediately felt welcomed and in positive spirits. I knew from the outset that it  my first impressions was I thought it was my kind of place and it didn’t fail to surprise me or meet my initial expectations.

The Bat and Ball is a very popular bar and based on the buzz inside and it was easy to see why! Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere where you can eat, play, drink and dance? – it honestly ticks all of the boxes.

The Manager Gordon was very welcoming and showed me to our table upstairs where my colleague Chantal was waiting. Our table was  situated for a perfect view of a set of ping pong tables where other diners were challenging each other to back to back rounds. Behind me was  situated the bar and to the right of the bar was a pool table! There were also wide screen TV’s for sport game viewing.

We were introduced to the staff member who would look after our table and ordered a cocktail, one of my many favs which was a champagne Bellini. The Bat and Ball have a vast selection of cocktails as well as some unusual drinks like a ‘Jam donut’ shot and a ‘bounty shot’, yep you read that right – so of course Chantal and I had to try it out and they were simply fabulous. For food, they offer a wide range of wraps, sharing platters, fries and pizza; all good gaming food! I ordered a pizza and it tasted great, with a side of yummy fries which was the perfect size.

The fun factor is seriously high and we were fortunate to experience beer pong, well in our case it was cider pong as neither Chantal or I drink beer. Cider pong was fantastic, trying to get the ping pong ball into the cider cups was fun and left us feeling very merry. The staff at The Bat and Ball restaurant were exceptional and they were attentive to our every need. I can honestly say that The Bat and The Ball is one of my favourite places now and I have been singing their praises ever since.

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