Note to self. You really shouldn’t go shopping or out to eat when you’re starving as it means you’re order the entire menu and don’t leave any ample space for dessert. (I guess you live and you learn!). However, once you venture into the Japanese eatery Machiya; you will understand just why I wanted to eat it all.

Machiya is named after townhouses that once defined the Kyoto cityscape. It is a restaurant and a bar combined and is the perfect setting for day or night dining.

I headed down to Machiya along with In-spire LS Magazine’s Creative Director Katie Ryan to sample what they had to offer and was left completely satisfied with what the eatery had to offer.

In terms of the building itself; Machiya is very compact and you can’t help but feel cramped as it is a popular food spot and is always filled with people. This evening was no exception. We were led to our seats which was situated midway in the building and were packed quite tightly to the seats on either side. However, it was easy to forget this once we had a look at our menu.

We were spoilt for choice. Machiya’s menu is extensive and provides the right amount of starters, mains and sides to meet even the most pickiest eater.

Although I have been trying my best to avoid drinking fizzy drinks. Nothing quite beats coke from a glass bottle so we order one bottle each on ice. To start, we opted to share Machiya’s hot wings .The wings were amazing and unlike any other wings I have ever tasted. The flavour was sharp and left an incredible after taste. The wings were made with spicy soy butter and furikake.

Being a major lover of sweet potato, Katie chose this from the menu and how it looked wasn’t what I had expected as sweet potato is normally quite orange in colour. However, it tasted really nice and complimented the wings.

After this I decided to step out of my comfort zone and choose a salad which is not something I often do as I’m pretty fussy when it comes to dressings. However, I took the plunge and it turns out this was the best decision I made the entire evening as the salad was to die for! It was so tasty and the dressing wasn’t too overpowering. If you’re not a meat eater, this salad wouldn’t be for you. But if you still eat meat, prepare to be blown away by the buta shabu salad which was a beautiful combination of crispy salad, sliced pork and cherry tomatoes in yuzu-sesame dressing.

After what was massive portions of the starters I then pushed myself to move onto the mains. For the price, you really do get value for your money. With every order came a generous and sizeable offering. Firstly, I opted for the zaru soba which was cold soba noodles in shiitake broth, wasabi, shredded seaweed and spring onion. It was a major feat to eat this. Not because it didn’t taste nice but more in part because I was too full! This dish was also massive in size and left a strong but pleasant after taste. My only criticism of this meal is that I didn’t particularly like the texture or taste of the noodles and would have preferred egg noodles in this particulaly dish. Nonetheless, this was a very tasty dish.

To conclude, I pushed through and ate over half of my last dish which was katsudon this was tonktasu, chicken and egg simmered in a sweet and savoury sauce over steamed rice. The egg was a little heavy for me and by the time I had consumed the rest of my meal, I really couldn’t enjoy the last part of my meal as much as I wanted to but overall the choices we made perfectly complemented each other.

We were served by the very helpful and attentive Sunny who really made us feel welcomed and talked us through the menu.

Overall, I would highly recommend Machiya. For excellent customer service, amazing food and a great atmosphere this is one eatery I will be visiting again.

I give Machiya 3 1/2 out of 5.

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