I’m normally one to hibernate in the winter months; but one thing that can and will always get me out of my house is great food. I was extremely excited to get the opportunity to sample the tasty ramen menu at the reputable noodle venue Kanada-Ya. I was warned to get down to the venue in good time as there would be a long queue outside and they wasn’t lying. The queue of excitable customers was they kind of queue that you see outside of a rave! A clear indication of what great food was behind the door. The entire venue was jam packed to the brim and as Kanada-Ya is pretty compact in size it’s important that you get there in good time and be prepared to wait.

When we were seated, we were immediately attended to and this appeared to be the scene on display by all the members of their staff. They demonstrated excellent customer service from the outset and made sure that we were made to feel comfortable and welcome. The size of Kanada-Ya may be quite small but this is not at all off-putting and instead gives a cosy feel.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about eating Ramen as I hadn’t eaten it before. However, our waiter (I attended the review with my food and drink contributor Precious from ‘Eating With Precious)  was sure to talk us through the menu and also made recommendations to make choosing that more easier.

For a street food venue, Kanada-Ya have quite an extensive menu; and one that suits numerous tastes. After much deliberation I opted for the TONKOTSU X.  This was a mix of Pork and corn fed chicken bone broth, chashu pork belly wood ear fungus, seaweed and spring onion. You get the option to choose the consistency of your noodles and I went for the recommended HARD noodles.  This was quite affordable at £10.50.  It was important that I sampled as much of the menu as possible so on top of the Ramen I had Chashu Don – white rice, seared chashu pork and spring onion £4.00 and to round it up I went for Karaage- Japanese fried chicken mayo £4.00.  For drinks  I went for my usual; a glass of Coca Cola and Precious went for an elderflower beverage.

What was really impressive was the portion sizes of the food and look at the vibrancy of the colours. The meal was exceptional and was full of flavour. The pork was cooked well and wasn’t salty which can often happen with pork. The rice was a tad bit soggy in the Chashu Don but to be honest; white rice can be quite tricky so this wasn’t a negative. The chicken was a major highlight for me, it was crispy and left a pleasant aftertaste.

I was massively impressed by the portion sizes of the main dish and the sides, I was left completely satisfied and happy with each one I sampled. The service was exemplary and the venue and overall atmosphere was fantastic.

Kanada-Ya have a number of venues in London including this one and one in Haymarket (which is closed for refurbishment until February)

Kanada-Ya is a fantastic and lively venue serving some of the best ramen on offer in London. Their food is amazing, great quality and their service is to highly professional level. Thanks to them; ramen is now one of my favourite dishes and I will without a doubt be making a return visit to sample more of what their menu has to offer over the coming months.


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