I am without a shadow of a doubt a sucker for Chinese food. I can go far back into my memory bank when my then boyfriend and I conducted what I will name a ‘Chinese Food Crawl’. Yes; we visited over 100 Chinese restaurants in London just for the heck of it and boy was it an experience. To this day; I can still remember where some of my favourite restaurants are situated and what I ordered. (Only a true foodie would understand this!).

Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to head down to Chinatown, LDN to review the Chinese eatery Hot Pot.

There is great history behind eating hot pot within Chinese culture. Hot Pot is actually a sociable activity that offers the opportunity for family and friends to gather together to share the tradition of Hot Pot.

The Hot Pot brand itself has over 150 branches in countries including: Thailand and Vietnam, Hot Pot Restaurants share their skill and expertise with their first London based Hot Pot in Central London.

The buzz of Chinatown is undeniable and it only intensified my excitement of sampling all of the tantalizing cuisine Hot Pot had on offer.

Upon entering, my guest and I (I review Hotpot with friend and clothing designer Naomi from Naylou Designs) were met with polite and welcoming staff who led us to the main part of the restaurant and gave us the option of choosing where we wanted to be seated.

I liked the close and cosy nature of Hot Pot, there was a visible bar area and the restaurant was nicely decoarted with ornamental flowers and pictures.

Naomi and I chose to sit in the centre of the restaurant and our server patiently talked us through the menu; making sure to suggest any dishes that she felt we should experience.

We struggled to come to a decision as the menu at Hot Pot is very expansive and offers a lot of different dishes to choose from. While we went back and forth; we were offered a complimentary bowl of prawn crackers (which was devoured in seconds!)

We were finally able to decide on what dishes to dissect and we both opted for vegetable spring rolls. Shreaded duck with pancakes and barbecue sauce and I decided to have  to also have prawns with black bean sauce and white rice. Naomi opted for a Thai Green Chicken with white rice.

Everything tasted scrumptious. You can quite easily go wrong with spring rolls. They can either be too oily or have no taste. However, the chefs at Hot Pot cooked them perfectly; they were full of flavour and were not drenched in oil.

The shreaded duck was cooked to perfection and practically melted in my mouth. Every part of my meal was satisfying, from my fruit mocktail to my boiled white rice.

We ate for what seemed liked hours and throughout our dining experience, the server ensured she came back to us to throughout to see that we were completely satisfied with our meal.

It was the vibrancy of the dishes that really got me. Every plate was full of colour and this matched the amazing taste of the starter and the main courses.

As the food was so filling we were both unable to sample Hot Pot’s desserts by I have no doubt they would have tasted great as there were a wide array of options to choose from.

To round up our meal with both ordered a fresh Jasmine tea made with fresh leaves. This was the perfect end to what was an amazing and satisfying meal.

The food at Hot Pot was also surprisingly very affordable considering where it was situated.

Overall, I had a very pleasant dining experience at Hot Pot and was left completely satisfied. The customer service, venue, food and overall atmosphere was all fantastic and I will definitely be returning again when time permits.

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