Based at the 4 star luxury Almond Beach Resort in Barbados, Enid’s is a colourful, open-air Bajan-style restaurant; which serves both la carte lunch and dinner using locally sourced fresh foods.

As I approached the entrance, I was welcomed by the restaurant’s host and supervisor Cecil who presented a charming and delightful yet professional demeanour. Most of the walls around the restaurant host at least one Bajan-style painting which complements the colourful décor throughout. After I was sat down at my table, I was offered a drink and was presented with the menu.

The cool cucumber and mint soup was much sweeter than expected. (to the extent that you can see the white sugar granules in the soup along with the shredded bits of fresh mint). However, it was very refreshing, cool (as described) and light!

Regarding the appetizer;  I initially ordered a Jamaican Spiced Chicken and Vegetable Patty, however they had ran out (being just after 8.15pm). I decided to stick to my paleo and gluten-free diet by requesting the appetiser version of the main dish which was Pineapple Glazed Grilled Chicken. 

The appetizer came with cabbage salad drizzled in mango dressing and was absolutely divine. I would give it 4/5. The chicken could have been a bit more tender and juicy (even though it was strips of the chicken breast), otherwise it was a lovely balance of flavours which complemented each other and more vitally wasn’t too sweet. Following the lovely starter, I was served with my main course which was Stuffed Flying Fish.

The carrots were steamed perfectly and weren’t too crunchy. I was initially apprehensive about having garlic sauce as part of the dish (based on a previous bad experience at another restaurant), however I can truly say that my faith has been restored as Enid’s garlic sauce was lovely! The flying fish tasted amazing, as it was well-seasoned (but not over done either), as well as well cooked, which beautifully enhanced the natural flavours. Their mash sweet potato was divine! Furthermore, the accompanying gravy blended well with the portion of sweet potato mash and flying fish. Overall, again this dish was a nice blend of flavours and not too sweet either; although the gravy was a little too sharp in its taste. I gave this 5/5 as it was as close to perfection as you can get. 

For the purpose of this review, I was able to order a few sample desserts…

Their Cheesecake was a nice soft and smooth texture with a lovely harsh upper layer mixed in perfectly with fresh grated carrots, which was presented with a few dipping sauces that were really sweet.

Their Carrot and Apple tart was like a mousse, smooth on the outside and with a cake-like texture in the middle. Something surprisingly different; but it honestly worked well and was really nice. The ice-cream tasted fresh ice cream and was delicious and made the dessert taste that much better. It was the perfect way to end; what was a phenomenal meal.

The only gluten free options for dessert would be the fruit salad and ice-cream. The Ice-cream is highly recommended if you are looking for a gluten-free choice are and able to have dairy. Overall, for presentation as well as taste, I would give the deserts a 4/5.

The service here was a 5/5. The staff at Enid’s Restaurant know how to make you feel at home, give a warm genuine service and accommodate dietary requirements with ease! Sheba, Enid’s Restaurant Ambassador was a pleasant lady and easy to talk to, as is the same with the rest of the staff, Chef David Yarde and Cecil. Overall, I give Enid’s a 4.5/5 for both the food and the overall pleasant experience!

This restaurant needs to be on your list of places to eat in Barbados, especially if you are staying at the Almond Beach Resort Hotel or nearby in the parish of St Peter. I would go further by saying I wouldn’t be surprised if this restaurant soon became a Michelin approved restaurant.

Enid’s restaurant makes a great social and casual la carte dinning place, for both mature families, groups and couples alike. Open between the hours of 11am-2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 9.30pm for dinner, reservations are required for dinner as it is often busy. For more information about the restaurant or to make a booking at the Almond Beach Hotel, click HERE




W| By Jade Bennett                                                                         @MsJadeOnline

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