Over the last few months I have taken up as many opportunities to eat in as many new restaurants as possible. This may not be best pleasing to my hips or thighs but a gal has got to live and in this case; I want to live as much as possible!. This month, I got treated to food at Chiquito; which is situated just outside the 02 arena. Upon entering the restaurant my friend and I were seated by the lovely waitress who ensured we felt welcome from the beginning. From the moment we walked through the restaurant I was blown away by the colourful and vibrant decorations. The walls were filled with colourful and amazing artwork.

We took a while to peruse through the menu and the waitress didn’t rush us and allowed us to take our time to explore the menu which was pretty expansive. After which felt like forever we finally mad up our minds and went for two cocktails; they were; “Mex on the beach” and the Raspberry Rum Collins’ which both tasted divine. They each had a sweet taste and were not too potent of alcohol. In fact they were very refreshing and both were served with fresh raspberries and fresh mint.


For our starters we decided upon nachos along with Pina colada prawns. We were served our starters in a timely manner and the presentation was nice and colourful. I have tried quite a few restaurants nachos and I have to say these nachos were just absolute perfection!

The guacamole, salsa cheese and sour creme all complemented each other. Also the starters were not heavy and left just enough space for us to enjoy our starter.  We then went on to order our main dishes. As my friend is a vegetarian he was quite worried about whether there would be enough options on the menu. However, he was left extremely pleased with the diverse vegetarian options that Chiquito had to offer.


In the end he went for a ‘Five Bean Chilli Taco’ which looked and tasted phenomenal. I decided to go for the “BBQ Chicken Flatbread’ which had a nice taste and was just the right size.

Overall, Chiquito left a positive effect on me and now I’m currently making plans to return. I would completely recommend that you visit your nearest restaurant if you’re not situated near the 02 branch. Not only was the food and beverages yummy but the environment was beautiful and very welcoming.  It was a great and positive experience all round.



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W| By Siobhan O’Brien                             @Vonnievonvon.no1

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