Keeping up with a regular exercise routine is not easy, so anyone who has managed to incorporate almost weekly workouts into their schedule should be applauded. However, even after exercise has become a habit, there are still a few things that can throw everyone off target. Holidays are one such occasion. It’s understandable that, when you’re taking a break from your 40 hour week, you also want to take a break from your workouts, but this could just lead to you taking an extended break even after the holiday is over. Instead, why not find a way to incorporate your workouts into your holiday. The easy option would be to check out if your hotel has a gym, but here are a few ways you could make it more exciting.

Go On A Yoga Retreat

Yoga has been fantastic for your mind as well as your body; in fact there are very few workouts that emphasise caring for your mental health alongside reaping the benefits for your body. But there is most to yoga than stretching, breathing deeply, and tying yourself in knots. You might have picked up some terminology or traditions during your regular practice, but if you want to take your yoga to the next level, you should consider a yoga retreat for your next holiday. Without the distractions of mobile phones, deadlines, or chores, meditation and deep breathing suddenly becomes a lot easier. Retreats provide healthy meals, schedule yoga classes twice a day, and let you unplug from your regular life. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of yoga, and a new level of enthusiasm for your own practice.

Off the beaten path

Whenever you go somewhere new, you’re likely travelling by bus, train, car, or airplane, which affects which parts of the country you can see. But sometimes the best parts of a country are hidden treasures found off the beaten path. To give yourself further incentive to find different ways to travel, why not combine it with a charity challenge? Challenges include coast to coast cycling, week long hikes, and even some rafting challenges. You can keep up with your exercise, see parts of the country you might not have seen otherwise, and raise some money for a good cause. Take some extra days off after you’ve completed the challenge you can unwind and rest your aching muscles.

Mountain climbing

If you really want to challenge yourself, and prove to yourself that you can overcome any obstacle, then why not literally climb a mountain. You’ll get a workout before you even leave because, believe it or not, mountain climbing takes quite a bit of strength, which is why people train for months before attempting to climb Kilimanjaro. In the months leading up to your mountain climb, start incorporating pushups, pullups, dips, squats, and lunges into your workout, slowly adding weighted vests to increase your strength. You should also start cycling to increase your aerobic endurance to make the climb a little easier.





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