Although it may not be possible for everyone to become a fashion expert, each individual has the potential to be stylish. All it takes is some research, a budget and inspiration. Fashion is a fun and innovative way to express who you are.

Flattering Hues

Skin tone is a major factor when picking that make you look your best. Look for hues that have a flattering effect on your complexion. This also applies to eye and hair color. Experiment with different hues when you shop and determine the colors that effectively bring out your appearance.

Patterns and Prints

Keep your clothing bright and fun without being overwhelming. Embellishments, ornamental designs and patterns can brighten up a dull outfit but too many patterns at the same time can look uncoordinated. Choose one or two patterns at a time to avid a cluttered look and combine your patterns with neutrals.

Identify a flattering pattern for some pieces along with accessories that feature a similar pattern such as geometric prints or polka dots. Choose a pattern but avoid overdoing it and pair your patterned clothing with solid pieces for a bold look.


Implement your sense of style by choosing a theme. From vintage to retro styles, there is something for everyone. Look for clothing and accessories that are inspired by the theme you like. Incorporate a variety of pieces according to your theme as well as modern concepts to create a unique style.


Pick a color that you like and make your style stand out from the rest with a distinct color. If you find a design or type of garment that brings out your best features, purchase as many as you can. While you may not be able to wear similar garments at every occasion, you can save them for special events.

Men’s Wedding Rings- Width and Comfort

The only way to know your actual band size and what feels comfortable is by trying some rings on. This is an important factor to consider because of the effect it has on comfort. Men can choose from wide, narrow and slim rings.

Choose a Metal

One of the enjoyable aspects of wedding band shopping is deciding how what your ring will look alike. Once you find you size and a comfortable fit, you can pick a ring mental. This influences how your ring looks along with other factors such as price and maintenance.

  • Couples have the options of buying contrasting or matching rings, depending on their preferences. If you seek matching metals, you can discuss the variety of options available.
  • Platinum is the rarest among the precious metals that are available. It is string and durable with a distinct white shin.
  • White gold delivers a similar shine to platinum. Maintaining the luminous shine of white gold requires rhodium plating as often as recommended, usually after a few years.
  • Tungsten continues to be a popular choice among modern grooms with its dark and gray shine. It shares a number of qualities with platinum, including durability, strength as well as its shine and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Silver is a common, accessible and affordable precious metal. It is another worthwhile consideration for wedding rings.


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