Nobody in the world can describe fashion with such impeccable and piercing insight as the one and only Anna Wintour. After all, she is the real-life Miranda Priestly and her opinion is the only one that counts. What Wintour had to say about this year’s spring lines is that they showed that fashion is highly individual, it’s eclectic, and rule breaking without being silly. While she extended her kudos to Tory Burch and Michael Kors, while of course not forgetting to mention how pleased she is with the return of the kind of glamour – the one and only – Tom Ford. Aside from the huge statement these and many other designers have made not only with their collections, one of the largest impacts was made with their choice of setting.

Alexander Wang, for instance, had models coming out of a bus and strutting down the street while Burch created a magical garden. Of course, there was the incredible casting comprised of women with diverse backgrounds and body types. Still, what we’re most interested in are the clothes, so without further ado, let’s explore some of the most surprising fashion statements showcased this season.

Last but first

Girls all over the world have been dabbling with the art of the turban, but Marc Jacobs is here to tell us the turban is entering mainstream fashion. All 56 models came strutting down the runway with turbans in a variety of shapes and made from different fabrics. Some were on the more casual side while others represented pure Eastern elegance and glamour. Of course, he did also show oversized suits in amazingly eclectic colors such as bright orange, as well as the forgotten fanny pack and the dominant athleisure-wear, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the one trend that is bound to overflow the streets worldwide is doubtlessly the esoteric turban.

Glam in its purest form

Tom Ford presented his spring line, and it’s even more glamorous than expected, and a lot is expected from Ford. One of the biggest statements he’s made is the transformation of his famous ‘fully canvas-lined, with 36 hours of handwork’ men’s suits into gorgeous and ultra-glamorous women’s broad-shoulder jackets. The colors ranged from the gentle millennial to the electric and eclectic hot and metallic pink. As Wintour said, fashion is rule-breaking, but not silly, so make sure to channel your Fordian goddess and mix the high-fashion glam jacket with a bold body-hugging tankini and strut the streets like you’re Gigi Hadid.  

Get the party started

Aside from throwing what can only be described as a runway party, followed by a real after party, the collection presented by Alexander Wang is definitely every party girl’s dream. From fun and frilly party dresses to deconstructed pieces, this collection is definitely for those bold and wild at heart. Of course, in the true party spirit, Wang didn’t leave us without party accessories in the form of headbands that said wangover’ ‘secret location’ and ‘after after party’. It’s safe to assume that headbands like these will be the talk of every major party in the days to come.

Polished beach style

The one person who knows what women want to wear for each and every occasion, with the focus on the beach getaway this season, is definitely Michael Kors. The designer presented an inclusive line of beachy garments, cut-offs, flip-flops, and colors for every taste and style persona. We saw an abundance of pastels, to bold and dark shades incorporated in gentle patterns. One thing is for sure, if you take a cue from Kors, you’ll never spend another holiday looking like anything but a perfectly polished jet-setting queen.

A smashing debut

Although this is ‘technically’ her debut on the runway, Ya Jun Melody Lin is a promising designer who’s already made quite an impact, and is already well-known, particularly by her jacket worn by one Miss Rihanna at the 2016 VMAs. Her spring collection did not disappoint and offered plenty of ‘wow’ factor. The secret lies in not oversized but sizeless women’s pieces that come as a result of the inspiration she draws from sizeless menswear. However, one of the biggest impacts was made through a clever usage of slim paint streaks which the designer created on purpose. As it’s said in her interview with Vogue “Lin painted the patio chairs and tables with white and silver fabric paint, left wet for models to pose against them. ‘The paint naturally transferred to the clothes and creates a story,” she says. ‘I like stains on clothes sometimes. I think that brings more life to them.’ “It seems that we’re entering a new fashion era, as the young designers of the future tell us that shape doesn’t matter, size doesn’t matter as long as your clothes have a story to tell.



W| By Claire Hastings                                             Via #FashionINspired

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