It’s easy to follow fashion trends when you’re young and don’t have to worry much about business-appropriate, but what about us ladies who long to rock a sassy new outfit at the office? We can’t exactly embrace the glitter trend and slip into a shimmery dress for our 9 to 5 shift, and most stilettos are murder for our feet. How do we indulge our fashion cravings, then? How do we show off our personal style and give the aura of a confident, glamorous gal while still retaining our professionalism? Well, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can translate the latest trends into entirely work-appropriate outfits.

Plaid beauty

Plaid patterns are so great. Honestly, this is such a nice, friendly trend that you can incorporate into your outfits in no time. It suits everyone, it’s comfortable, it’s elegant. Brown and beige plaid slacks paired with a cream-coloured blouse or a knit sweater are a great choice, or you could go for a form-fitting plaid dress with the collar of a button-down shirt peeking through, and some nice Oxford shoes to give yourself a nice preppy vibe.

Velvety goodness

Mmm, soft, wonderful velvet, how we’ve missed you. This is the fabric for this fall, and a well-tailored suit is the perfect thing to treat yourself to as a reward for all your hard work. A sexy little Stella McCartney blazer is just the piece to complement all your dull skirt-and-shirt combos, and you’ll look like a lush, sumptuous fantasy with no effort involved.

Muted florals

From Elie Saab to Giambattista Valli, muted florals are all the rage now. Those nice, murky colours can give you a lovely hint of feminine in interesting rose and couch floral patterns, but you can go for something bolder as well. Full-skirt dresses and blouses are an excellent pick, and you can complement them with simple scarves and brown boots to really give it an autumnal feel.

Power color

Attention-getting, powerful, sleek. Bold reds are very in right now, possibly as a reaction to such a long trend of millennial pink that we were obsessed with. Want to leave an impression? A cashmere turtleneck looks perfect when paired with a grey high-waisted skirt and a black belt, or maybe go all in and wear a body-con red dress that ends just above your knees, heels, and a sharply-cut blazer. Another idea? An all-black outfit with only a statement bag from brands such as Urban Originals, and red earrings to break the monotony.

The pantsuit

Popularized by Hilary, the pantsuit is the ultimate feminist statement of bold, professional style and undying spirit. You don’t even need to be clever to turn this trend into office-appropriate, it’s already perfect on its own. Grab it in the aforementioned power red or another bold colour, like royal blue. Let the suit speak for itself, let it tell the story of your fierceness. Turn to Cara Delevingne’s Alexander Wang grey outfit for inspiration, or maybe Kendall Jenner’s pinstripe Wolk Morais.

Secret glitter hack

Okay, okay, we lied, there’s totally a way to wear glittery things to work and still look professional. One of the most present trends on the fashion week runway were a bunch of amazing, super sparkly boots, and you can easily wear these by pairing them with mono-coloured outfits with little details, and adding these as a pop of fun. Metallic ankle boots are subtle enough for this, and looks pretty great when paired with otherwise completely ordinary outfits.

Who says that everything in your office needs to be dull and uninspiring? Bring a little fun and style into the workplace and don’t be afraid to enjoy fashion.





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