We can all forget about our mobile phones and responsibilities as soon as the new photos from the most recent Fashion Week come out. That is what happened recently, when the Berlin Fashion Week ended – we just put everything aside waiting to see the combinations people wear in the hipster capital of the world. No matter how much we like seeing all those haute couture pieces, it is the street style trend we are actually after, as it is the easiest for us to follow, and of course, the most important one since we will be rocking that style the most. So what new lessons did the Berlin Fashion Week give us?

Retro coats

One cannot fail to notice the sea of oversized coats that were seen in Berlin in January. Seen in so many different shapes, and colours, and combined with the most unimaginable pieces of clothing, oversized coats (with a touch of retro) are definitely here this year more than ever. Ranging from ones that are way formal and paired with a nice pair of pants and high heels (even though they can be matched with sneakers as well now), to the ones that are so oversized that they would be best worn with leggings or any kind of sporty bottoms, a good coat is definitely something you want to have this season.



Say goodbye to skirts and dresses the next autumn, as street style will be all about trousers. It is said that 2018 is the Year of Women, so why not go outside in trousers as any other man? The good side is that you can’t go wrong no matter what kind of trousers you choose – you can go with skinny ones, or with cargo pants, as long as you wear the appropriate footwear. Moreover, combining them with killer sneakers (which is totally in this season – stay tuned for the next paragraph) or with golden high heels, is a total bingo.



To all the guys and girls who are reading this – embrace the power of athleisure. Even though 2017 saw the rise of athleisure to the street style throne, this year is not going to be different, but it will raise the bar even higher. Make sure to get your new and totally fashionable Nike Air Max shoes and pair them with formal pieces of clothing – you’ll definitely be the “it” person of the night. The most prominent athleisure feature this year at the Berlin Fashion Week was definitely the Balenciaga’s “ugly shoe” which was seen in all the imaginable combinations ever. Take that as an example and feel free to experiment – the chances of you failing at this are very low.

PVC Clothing

Definitely a trend to keep your eyes open for – plastic trench coats! Even though this trend was thought of being quite futuristic and bizarre in the past years, the future is now, so make sure you equip yourself with one this year. On the plus side, everyone can see what amazing pieces of clothing you have underneath that, while staying dry and warm. Combine this with PVC footwear and you’re good to go!


Even though many say “no” to fur, this season, it is here more than ever. If it’s not an oversized retro coat, or a PVC trench coat, the third option is definitely a fur coat. For all those PETA advocates, there are many instances of faux fur coats that look so realistic and totally classy. If you want to hit one bird with two stones, choosing an oversized fur coat is definitely the way to do it. What can you wear it with, you ask? Practically anything! Fur coats are not just for formal events anymore, as you can wear sneakers and jumpers with them, and still look hella classy.

When it’s all said and done, 2018’s fashion is definitely something different and unique. There are no rules anymore, and this Fashion Week proved it. You can practically wear any trendy piece of clothing with whatever you want, and you’ll still look amazing. And we like that, don’t we?



W| By Claire Hastings                               Via #FashionINspired

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