Even though the weather was a bit problematic, it wasn’t a good enough reason to get in the way of the most fashionable event in Australia taking place. Yes, that’s right – we’re talking about the Australia Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, which saw some of the most amazing fashion combinations on the catwalk, but also in the streets, too. How do the trends differ from the previous fashion weeks, and what are the new trends that we should be open to? Take a look, as we tried to divide the street style trends you’ll be rocking downtown next year, and the ones that you will be choosing for something more formal:


The most dominant color


I guess all of us grew a bit tired of the ultra violet, milennial pink and statement red – as the most dominant color seen in the streets was white and beige. Every outfit incorporated these colors in one way or another – there were excellent matching jackets and pants, such as the amazing combination of the Balinese princess Lindy Klim, while others used this color as the base for their outfit, and made it more interesting with a leather brown coat or a jacket.


As far as footwear is concerned, things are not that simple. First of all, one could notice the mixture of futurism and minimalism in footwear, meaning that all the shapes were rather sharp with no details at all. However, each piece was a bit different, and they varied in the size of the heel or the sole. On the other hand, though, many chose to wear sandals with socks, making it perhaps the most unusual trend of the season. That is why it would be excellent to wear the trendiest ladies’ shoes you can find with socks during the following autumn and summer – you’ll definitely be a real fashionista.

Bum bags


We certainly expected this trend not to die out, but to actually become bigger and more prominent. Wearing bum bags is the must-do of the following fashion season, so if you don’t actually own one, there are plenty of choices to choose from. However, you need to make sure what you’re matching it with, because wearing a bum bag is a double-edged sword. For example, if you choose to go with a suit-sneaker combination, or with a military jacket (which also seems to be making a return), wearing a bum bag is an excellent choice. If you’re up for something smarter, such as a white or beige dress and a coat that goes with it, make sure to choose an ellegant bag of the most popular colors.

Colour blocking

Color blocking and logomania are not going anywhere, and we can’t be more excited about it. The streets of the Down Under, in this case Sydney, were able to see some of the best examples of colour blocking, featuring some of the most popular logos. For example, bright red and yellow were dominating the street style scene – with either big logos such as Supreme, or statement quotes such as “Unemployed”.


 The situation of the catwalk was a bit different in certain segments, even though it preserved some of the street style trends with a twist.

Florals with a twist


This trend is obviously returning year after year after year, but it seems that it’s a bit different every time. This year, the floral crown was stolen by the designer Camilla Frank who had one of the most interesting shows of the season. Her whole show was inspired by different cultures and their patterns, but most importantly, the Japanese culture, which means that it featured a lot of cherry blossom florals. This Japanese-inspired couture definitely stole the show, and not only because of the garments – the audience could see models of different ethnic groups and races, but also because of age, as some of the models were older than 50, which is extremely important for the whole female empowerment process.

Futuristic Minimalism


The rest of the catwalk featured extremely interesting choices that we will definitely consider buying for the following season. For example, Alice McCall presented her new Kismet collection which not only featured vintage florals, but a lot of ruffles and fringes, too. On the other hand, Pereira Fitzgerald took minimalism to another level. The designers Bella Pereira and Gemma Fitzgerald chose burnt orange trousers, shocking pink summer dresses, white t-shirts, and black ra-ra skirts to dominate the catwalk.

Even though there are familiar things that we see on each Fashion Week, every single one brings something of its own to the game. Australia didn’t fail here at all – some of the combinations were simply amazing, and even though some are considered as haute couture, it could be totally legitimate to wear them at the next wedding ceremony. Cannot wait to see what the following fashion week has to offer!


W | By Claire Hastings

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