You don’t have to have a dog to perform this effortless meditation. In fact, it is best if you don’t so that you don’t get distracted with dog related activities 🙂 However, there is a catch, it must be performed twice a day (as though you have a real dog to take for a walk) and every day. So, commitment here is necessary. Rewards are great and very much worth the commitment. So, try it even if it is just for a week J

Whatever time it is that you wake up, go to the toilet, to empty your bladder, put your wrist watch or fit bit on, put your coat and shoes on, grab your house key and off you go. Like you have a dog to take for a walk.

Feel that? Feel that freedom? You have no bag, no car keys, no coffee to hold, no office things to think about, you are free and careless! All you need to do is to walk in chosen direction by you this very second for 5 minutes and then back. No phone is allowed either, unless on silent and without any notifications alarms. You want to be free! For 10 minutes. In any direction. Just keep walking and breathing in the air and smile. Because you allowed yourself to take such a strange step, so early and at the very start of the day. When you come back – get on with your day.

In the evening. You’ve got to take your imaginary dog for a walk again! This time it is particularly refreshing if you’ve got a family! Have your dinner, do the cleaning etc and, excuse yourself for ten minutes and, put your coat and your shoes on, take your keys and off you go. No combined activities are allowed. No milk/beer shopping. The Exception is the rubbish, it’s good to get it out of the house and an ideal way of creating a routine.

This time however, you don’t need to look at your watch because you’ll know when your 5 minutes is up. Simply walk in the same direction and return as per your morning steps. Breath in the air and just look around. No thoughts, just be present and feel your feet moving, feel the temperature of the air, notice busy pedestrians or cars rushing in their directions… But YOU, NOW are FREE.

Next morning feel free to choose a new route.

Often meditation is not about what you want to achieve by the end of it but give yourself permission to be whatever you want to be. To be FREE in the case of this particular meditation.


Olga Star x

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