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  • Mark Eisenhart- ATribute

    Editor’s Word| Mental Health Is Real: Mark Eisenhart (A Tribute)

    Feb 24, 14 • 1503 Views • Editor's Word, Featured Slider, February 2014Comments Off

    Yesterday, I learned that one of my Supermen features Mark Eisenhart; accomplished and honorable fireman, mentor, life coach, trainer, athlete and author had taken his own life. Even as a I write these words I struggle to make sense of it. I had conversed...

  • in-spirels editors word

    You Are What You Think, So Think Big

    Aug 1, 12 • 667 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    This month is special! Can’t you feel it? The greatest games of our time is in our city and London is absolutely buzzing. I feel alive, even when the days are tough and things play on my mind, I feel alive and happy to be alive for I know in myself that...

  • Editors Word Imagery

    Banish Negativity, Embrace The Beauty of You

    Jul 1, 12 • 787 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Happy July to each and everyone of you, as I write this the sun is shining and with this new day, comes new opportunity to take charge and find new direction in your life. Here we have another issue, jam packed with inspirational interviews, articles and...

  • editors word

    Push Away The Distractions

    Jun 1, 12 • 774 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    We are already in June! Welcome to each and everyone of you who have stopped by on the new issue of In-spireLS Magazine. I don’t know about you but I am very excited about the next few months. My schedule is jam packed and my focus is on point so I...

  • in-spireLS Editor's Word

    Set YOUR Goal then EXCEED it!

    May 1, 12 • 769 Views • Editor's Word1 Comment

    First and foremost I want to thank all of In-spireLS readers for coming back month in, month out and my dedicated and motivated team for all of their hard work. I have received all of the feedbacks, your suggestions, your requests and your opinions...

  • calming

    The Evolution

    Apr 1, 12 • 914 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    I’m always excited by each new issue of In-spireLS. Maybe it’s because many did not see me sticking with it and making it into the success that it is today. You could say, I thrive off of negativity projected my way, it acts as a sail to my ship...

  • endless landscapes

    Let Your Actions Do The Talking

    Feb 29, 12 • 1036 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Welcome to the latest issue of In-spireLS. Once again we have a jam- packed issue fill to the brim with articles, interviews and reviews written to enhance your minds.  The progression is imminent and with each issue more changes will take place. The...

  • new-beginnings

    Be Ready To Start Again

    Jan 31, 12 • 654 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Welcome to the first issue of the new year.  How exciting it is to be typing this, knowing that so much has been achieved thus far.  The first few weeks into the new year have had both up’s and down’s. But, with these change of events, the...

  • happy new your jpeg x

    Make 2012 YOUR YEAR

    Jan 1, 12 • 661 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Congratulations to each and everyone of you reading this. You successfully made it to the other side. 2012 is here! For those of you who have a major network of friends whether it be on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. You may have notice...

  • editors word 11

    Make Change Now

    Nov 30, 11 • 779 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Don’t you find it funny that when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, we wait to write them down, right at the end of the year. I have been guilty of doing this, waiting till the very last minute to plan and list my goals and aspirations. However, this...

  • bigstock_summer_landscape_field_of_gree_12745919-610x250

    Time To Start Again

    Oct 31, 11 • 595 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    If you have come along with us on the journey, you will have learned that In-spireLS won the BEFFTA Award for ‘Best Magazine of the Year 2011′.  This was an amazing feat, especially as we have only been on-line for just over 1 year. What made...

  • bigstock_Strong_Business_Team_Work_506927

    There is an ‘I’ in Team

    Aug 31, 11 • 780 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    To all my dear In-spireLS readers, tomorrow will be 1 year of my magazine In-spireLS and I am actually quite shocked at reaching this point. I honestly do believe that many believed it was only one of my fleeting hobbies (believe me I have had a few;...

  • bigstock_Big_Heart_2964227

    Self Love is the Answer

    Jul 31, 11 • 581 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Last month for some unknown reason, words or the simple creation of one sentence, evaded me. Unable to write, I chose not to bother. My mind was too heavily rested upon my worries, stresses, and other issues that felt; on the onset bigger and stronger than I...

  • bigstock_Dreams_618754

    Dream Big

    May 31, 11 • 826 Views • Editor's WordNo Comments

    Welcome to this month’s issue- you could call it a bumper issue because it is absolutely brimming with articles to suit both our male and female readers. I am pleased to introduce to #teaminspirels our new writers – Leighan Renauld who is our new...

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