#GadgetTalk| The Best Free Guides For The Not Too Tech Savvy

We are truly in the era of the digital. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs dominate both our working lives and our downtimes, these internet-enabled devices bestowing us with such a massive bank of information and entertainment that it would take multiple lifetimes to view it all, and providing us with innumerable possibilities to learn new skills and ingratiate our lives. For the not too technically-minded though, the internet and all of the things hosted on it can be rather out of reach. If you’re one of these people, here are some of the best, most useful guides on e-topics that you can use, completely for free!

Learn The Basics

GCF Learn Free is an amazing site that aims to teach children, adults and seniors who don’t know the basics of the internet and computing all of the skills needed to traverse the world of the net, all for free.

Learn To Code

Codeacademy is an education company that aims to provide as many people as possible with the skill of coding. This means granting people the skills to write code in CSS, HTML, C++ and the like, programming languages that give a person the ability to design websites, write applications, and generally understand the intricacies of the sites and programs we use every day, boosting the economy as a result. Anyone can sign up to Codeacademy and start learning, and the best thing is that it’s completely free!

Gadget savvy

Learn To I-Game

Online gambling (i-gaming) is a massive industry in 2015, and across the world hundreds of millions of people enjoy playing a game or two to relax or to inject a little excitement into their days. For those who have never been to a casino though, the online gaming world can be somewhat confusing. Step forth, FortunePalace, an i-gaming affiliate site where you can learn Baccarat systems, roulette rules, poker styles and everything in-between, all for the price of £0!

Learn To Produce

With electronic music fast becoming the world’s favourite tune to party or relax to, thousands of people are waking up one day to wonder if they too could become a famous electronic music producer! This isn’t your everyday sort of pipedream though, and there are in fact hundreds of different music production software packages out there for the musically minded, such as Fruity Loops. If you need assistance with ascertaining what all of those dials and knobs do though, head to fruity-loops-tutorials.com to get all of the basics hammered down. You’ll be producing sweet rhythms in no time!

Do you know of any other amazing free guides for those new to the net? Let us know what they are via our Twitter page @InspireLS



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#GadgetTalk| The Latest Must Haves

After a brief break, Gadget Talk is back and we have a lot to talk about. Samsung have released their newest product – Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Now, you must be wondering what does the S6 and the S6 Edge have to offer which the current phone Samsung S5 doesn’t. After doing our research, we have compiled a list of important features:


Samsung S6

  • Smarter Charging

Both the S6 and the S6 Edge have the capability to keep your battery up to speed by giving you a fast speed option. It also comes with a wireless charging option so you can charge on the go. With so many new eye-catching features, the importance of Samsung’s new charging capabilities will not be lost on anyone. With the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge,  Samsung has designed the devices so that you can recharge on your terms. Simply pop your phone onto the Wireless Charging Pad, which comes separately, and enjoy one less wire in your life. Or plug into the Super Fast Charger and get a remarkable 4 hours of typical use after only 10 minutes charging. It really is a handy option if you like to watch movies and want to move around with your phone.


samsung-galaxy-s6 edge

  •  Camera

Whether you’re into capturing stunning ‘selfies’ or spectacular sunsets, the 5-megapixel front camera and 16-megapixel rear camera are ready when you are.

Both phone have a great feel about them, if you are looking for a new phone, the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge are definitely ones to consider. There is also a feature called Smart Switch which allows you to swap all your old content from your phone to the S6 / S6 Edge. You can quickly check and respond to your emails, calls, and messages using the innovative edge screen. There is also a colour coding option so that you can know instantly who is trying to reach you. A very good option and definitely one that we will consider buying.

Sony Ericsson have announced their latest offering – The Sony Xperia Z4.

xperia x4

It comes with a Bluetooth enabled tablet. There is a LTE Version which enables you to access the Web wherever you are and there is also the WIFI Version which enables you to access Wifi on the go.

The 10.1” Xperia Z4 Tablet comes with a brilliantly bright,  full HD 2K display.  Built on Sony TV technology; it lets you enjoy all your entertainment in vivid colours and glorious detail. In short, it’s the best viewing experience you’ll ever have.

It is available to pre-order now with deliveries expected from 27th May.

I-phone 6

iphone 6

Apple recently released their latest offering – Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s. The latest offering is bigger and better but much thinner than the Iphone 5s / 5c. With a extended Camera which offers 8 megapixel Ifocus Camera, taking photos has never been better. It now has faster download speeds with an IOS8, the newest system to date.

To keep the phone secure, it has a Finger Identity feature which will help you keep your phone locked and secured.

Another impressive addition is that you can now use FaceTime over WiFi, Siri is also back to assist you with any questions you may have.

Another great addition to the Apple family.

Blackberry Passport

Determined not be left out, Blackberry came back by releasing a device of their own – Blackberry Passport. It comes with a large touch screen which gives you an amazing viewing and reading experience, it also gives you a wider vision. It is designed for reading, browsing, editing and maps.

It also comes with a new touch keyboard. You can now perform many functions such as scrolling web pages, flicking and typing or moving along the keys to move the cursor.

The Battery power on the Blackberry Passport is much faster than ever before. It also comes equipped with your very own Blackberry Assistant which allows you to manage emails, contacts and calendar. It also helps you to execute any important tasks such as sending an email, scheduling a meeting or finding directions. If al this wasn’t enough, it will also respond to you based on your situation so if you’re in your car or out and about it will reply in the best way possible.

Another impressive feature is the Blackberry Hub. It’s the place where you can view all conversations such as email, text, BBM and your phone calls. The priority hub will also get to know you and how you use your phone so it will curate everything that you need to know.

It seems as if Blackberry have had a complete overhaul to try and keep in touch with Apple, Samsung and Sony but all in all it’s a very impressive gadget.

At #GadgetTalk we are very impressed with the Blackberry Passport and would definitely recommend it.

W| By Ryan Osborne                          @Ryan_Ozzie


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Wellbeing| Improving Home Security In High Crime Areas

www.LocksOnline.co.uk is a UK based security company that has 15 years experience as an online retailer. In our home town of Milford Haven our locksmiths work with the local community to improve security in homes and businesses alike. We also write informative articles to try and shed some light some security issues that we believe should be addressed.

In this article,  we are going to discuss different methods of securing your home or business in areas that tend to have higher crime rates than some other areas. In our community, we often spotlight areas of the UK and analyse crime statistics to try and be ‘solution orientated’ as to a relevant solution.

City Life

City Life In-spire LS Magazine

Areas that do have high levels of crime such as burglary, theft and criminal damage are these days unfortunately commonplace 0..and the statistics tend to increase if you live in a city. This is obviously due to the higher population but in my opinion there are many other factors to be considered when looking at this cold hard fact such as poverty, availability of work, education and housing. But alas this is not a political or economic article, it is merely meant to give advice on how to improve your home security intelligently without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Trip Wires

Protecting your home in these areas can be quite difficult and is definitely not straight forward. Aggressive technique can sometimes have a back firing effect. Simply trying to improve security in the wrong way or as mentioned above, using aggressive techniques can make you the target of criminals or thieves who simply have too much time on their hands to test out your new 12 camera CCTV system and 10 feet proximity alarm with added trip wires. This is obviously stretching out an example of a paranoid setup but the point is to try and attain a balance between security needs and having a practical solution to securing your home.

BS3621 vs 5 Lever Locks

First of all you should look at what you have mechanically first. Do you have 5 lever sash or dead locks in your main exit doors? This is a requirement for most insurance companies but sometimes people overlook the BS3621 part of this area and just go ahead and get a 5 lever lock. The problem with this is that the non BS3621 models rarely come with the required extras to make this grade such as anti drill plates, anti pick curtains, minimum bolt throws of 20mm and additional testing of the lock itself to make sure it makes the grade. This grading can be found by the BS3621 stamp found on the faceplate of the lock itself. Ensuring you adhere to the BS3621 will ensure that you are protected against these methods of entry and also a very subtle way of improving your security.


Windows In-spire LS Magazine

Windows come in a few different forms; the most common are sash and casement windows. One of the main forms of entry of a criminal is through the windows. Ensuring that you fit window locks is key to preventing this and also can provide some added benefits outside that. For Instance, fitting window restrictors can reduce the chance of someone opening the window from the outside but also will help if you have children around the home and need to secure a second floor window. Window stops can also achieve the same effect while stopping the window from being completely open, leaving a gap of around maximum 4 inches would be sufficient.


cctv in-spire ls magazine

Having recorded images and video of criminal activity can be extremely useful when it comes to prosecution of criminals in court. What I would like to stress is not to overdo it. If you think this system would benefit you, time really should be spent on thinking about the area of installation, model and components you will need. We recommend checking the IP rating and Lux rating of the CCTV camera to see how it will perform in rough weather conditions and during the night time hours. Placement of the camera should be out of sight from passersby but visible when close by if possible. Adding 1 or 2 pieces of CCTV signage will work wonders as a visual deterrent but please don’t overdo it as you will certainly bring attention to your home or business for the wrong reasons.

Access Control

These types are of systems are soon becoming commonplace and will replace older style mechanical locking solutions. At the moment we are in a bit of purgatory and manufacturers have been designed models to work standalone but also to work in conjunction with mechanical systems rather than straight up replacements for front and back doors. We design a wide range of access control systems and our specialists speak to customer’s everyday regarding this interesting type of security. In areas that tend to have higher crime rates these models will unfortunately be less effective though and you are much better off relying on a high quality mechanical 5 lever lock to take care of your security unless you are looking to have them work in conjunction with each other in which case your security would be improved two fold.

I hope this article has been of some use to you and hopefully gave you some ideas on how to improve your security. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us anytime via email, phone or live chat.


W| By Leigh Donoghue                                                @Locks_Online

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