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Acclaimed @SubjectivityUK Poet/Spoken Word Artist @LionHeartFelt Premieres ‘Respect’

Acclaimed Subjectivity poet/spoken word artist, LionHeart, premieres inimitably captivating, poignant spoken word revelations in the impactful and honest ‘Respect‘.

The commanding LionHeart – devoid of self-righteousness – reprises his natural role as the voice of the voiceless for attentive viewers, with a morally upright education that inspiration-ally uplifts and empowers. LionHeart articulates unmatched poetic train of thoughts in this stripped, six minute commentary based on the trials and tribulations of relationships.

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Superficial charade displayed across your dual and transparent face

It’s essentially getting uglier by the day

How much more of this sycophantic diatribe can I take?

Intuitive thoughts inform me that your californication fake.

Don’t even consider building up false hope to inevitably let me down

Don’t sharpen up your barbaric and demonic blades to ultimately take me out

Don’t overestimate and exploit our comraderie for your own personal agenda

Don’t acquiesce and pander to my ego for your extensive hidden pleasure

Don’t thunderously mow me down when my laid-back demeanour is invisible

Don’t vibrantly smile in my face like I am somehow Indispensible and I am not sensing you

Don’t dare act like we’re strong

When actuality it’s all gone wrong

I am courageous enough to this so

Adios, I’m gone.


I can’t even look in your face

I don’t remember your name

You’re not a murderer

Just a sweetheart rearranged

How can you love someone else when you don’t adore yourself?

Contagious feelings of emotion casually destroying someone’s health

Consider serious help

Better yet, analyze yourself

I’ve had it up to here last straw

What we had is now killed



W| By Dean Perretta      @Dean2185

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In-spireLS Poetry Korner, September 2013 Comments Off on What If?? |

What If??

What if she is taken?

What if she don’t care?

What would the feeling become if she wasn’t even standing there?

What if I could analyze your thoughts as if this was telepathy?

What if this was just a crush?

What’s the feeling in this crowded room where it’s only you and me?

What if I could tell you exactly they way I truly feel?

What if you took one more time to see?

What if I am deluded by a spell, concealing what’s actually real?

 What If 2

What if you could walk your beauty one more time through that door?

What if time could slowly rewind?

What if shared numbers could be stored?

What if you have reservations about my differences to you?

What if I’m just chasing waterfalls?

What if that turned out to be the truth?

What If I’m only dreaming in this lonely heart of mine?

What if I take a steady chance?

What if one day we did unite?



W| By Dean Perretta    @Dean2185

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Dear Mum

Dear Mum,
I wish like Joshua God would hear my prayers,

hold the sun and move it back 15 years.
When my arms where to short to embrace you,
and my speech was so immature it entertained you.But now I am grown,
and you still rule my hearts throne.
Even though your time on earth has passed,
your memories to me will always last.

You will never meet the guys I choose to date,
or pull my ears when I procrastinate,
or tell me that I’m always late,
a trait I’m sure you’d grow to hate.
But of all the things I’d wish to say,
to the uneven ground on which you lay,
is your spirit will always live on in me,
because when I look in the mirror, that’s all I see.





W| Kalinda Muloba

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The Race

I can still smell the sweat on your jersey like it were yesterday

Your sweat stains were outlined from your forehead down to your waistline, but

You described the chair which you sat in as having more strength than you.

Said, you would rather feel like this after training compared to sweating like you stole something

When in fact you innocently passed the finish line and,

What a sight, what an awesome sight.

Applause greeted you with a high five and a credible smile

To which you responded with a cheeky grin followed by a dance which the supporters and, I could not wait to join you in

See you knew this race was your calling though, back home God was calling

Said, He has your mothers best interest at heart and

As much as you love her and are willing to run this race for her life

Baby boy, it is time you and the girls let her heart worry no more

Allow your prayers to settle the score

You ran the race and won

Nothing is stopping you from claiming another win

If you believe in yourself

The only thing stopping you is the lies which come from within

My brother, if you believe in lies

Could you believe in sin?

Sin is like a rope without a knot


Unless you start a trend

By trend, I mean fashion and

By fashion, I mean a sequence

This sequence should become your routine and

Your routine must commence with a prayer

All of which you would never second guess when running the race

Is it sin?

Or is it because it’s your trend

Your fashionable trend

Either way it was a routine which helped you win so that makes it ok huh

Remember that prayers from within you can help to transform the lies from Him into the blessing from Him

Do the same for your mother and she too will win

For Dre

Keep up with poet Alyssia Sutherland on TWITTER@alyssiapoetess 

W| By Alyssia Sutherland

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Brown Eyes

Your eyes shone like the constellation of

leading me to believe; you were the one to
guide me to the land of Zion.

The liberation of my heart was set alight;
that fateful day,

you were stunning just as ‘Bridge Over the
Lily Pond’ by Claude Monet.

My appreciation of beauty led me to

were you the one in all my visions asking
for desire?

Running through fields of holly, asking for
one simple wish,

to always be there, so love will never

appealing to let go of all our fears to just
simply kiss.

But you were more than a conceivable dream,

the most beautiful thing, I could have ever
possibly seen,

your mannerisms where all of the highest it

Wanting to head in the same direction,

I stopped your gallant motion to make the
appropriate correction.

I made you aware that I wanted to be good
to you,

to hold you,  please you, and be true to you.

Like a fairytale in the living colour

you looked at me with your brown eyes

to fully establish more than a fantasy,

turning around to ask me “are you my
fateful destiny?”

“Will you support, comfort and be there for

With life’s journey; what will you make out
of the unbearable?

What is out of my reach; will you make the
impossible, possible?”

With those brown eyes, you made the clear

professing such words of wisdom that were
mentally arousing.

The perfect ending never felt this real and

the rest of the story fell into place like
pieces of domino.

Hidden here with you, upon the azure
Mediterranean shores,

I can assure you; your brown eyes are all I
will explore,

soothing the soul beneath your spiritual

Keep up with our Poet Anthony Lyrics on TWITTER@anthonylyrics

W| By Anthony Lyrics

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At some point in our lives we all come to a cross road….
Emotions coming through by the bus load…
Tense and tight feelings from within…
Thoughts of you getting under my skin….
Not finding closure from the time before..
But knowing its wrong to explore,
What I feel every time I hear your name..
Getting hurt again is not my aim.

Not forgetting the second part of this story…
New love I have so you cant take all the glory…
The way you make me feel loved and hated,
That’s why my feelings for you I’ve always debated…
It’s no exaggeration when I say,
No one touches me in the same way…
Coming in close with that look in your eyes…
knowing that look  cannot be denied…

Through all of this I have learned I will always want more…
And there’s no going back to before…
Still these feelings will remain…
and once you read I feel you will want me to explain….

Many thanks to In-spireLS Wonderwoman Stacey Hewson for this contribution. Follow her on TWITTER@staceyhewson

W| By Stacey Hewson

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The Trails Of A Small Land

There is place I know

Where the trees are tall

The grass is green

And the leaves often fall

Wildlife is scattered around

A Badger, a Squirrel, a Rabbit

You name it we’ve seen it

A small land full of people

A tight community

The houses were all neatly arranged

The people hardly complained

What a varied bunch they were

Some short, some fat, some tall

Some like music while others preferred

Either way they were glad to have each

No one fought about what restaurant to eat at

No one quarrelled about their friends

No one shouted at one another

No one refused to speak to each other

Or accused their friend of messing
around with their lover

This land was our oasis,

This land was pleasant

This land, this land was ours

This land was small, although it
challenged us all

Keep up with our poet Alyssia Sutherland on TWITTER@alyssiapoetess or follow her on TUMBLR



W| By Alyssia Sutherland

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