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Acclaimed @SubjectivityUK Poet/Spoken Word Artist @LionHeartFelt Premieres ‘Respect’

Acclaimed Subjectivity poet/spoken word artist, LionHeart, premieres inimitably captivating, poignant spoken word revelations in the impactful and honest ‘Respect‘.

The commanding LionHeart – devoid of self-righteousness – reprises his natural role as the voice of the voiceless for attentive viewers, with a morally upright education that inspiration-ally uplifts and empowers. LionHeart articulates unmatched poetic train of thoughts in this stripped, six minute commentary based on the trials and tribulations of relationships.

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Superficial charade displayed across your dual and transparent face

It’s essentially getting uglier by the day

How much more of this sycophantic diatribe can I take?

Intuitive thoughts inform me that your californication fake.

Don’t even consider building up false hope to inevitably let me down

Don’t sharpen up your barbaric and demonic blades to ultimately take me out

Don’t overestimate and exploit our comraderie for your own personal agenda

Don’t acquiesce and pander to my ego for your extensive hidden pleasure

Don’t thunderously mow me down when my laid-back demeanour is invisible

Don’t vibrantly smile in my face like I am somehow Indispensible and I am not sensing you

Don’t dare act like we’re strong

When actuality it’s all gone wrong

I am courageous enough to this so

Adios, I’m gone.


I can’t even look in your face

I don’t remember your name

You’re not a murderer

Just a sweetheart rearranged

How can you love someone else when you don’t adore yourself?

Contagious feelings of emotion casually destroying someone’s health

Consider serious help

Better yet, analyze yourself

I’ve had it up to here last straw

What we had is now killed



W| By Dean Perretta      @Dean2185

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What If??

What if she is taken?

What if she don’t care?

What would the feeling become if she wasn’t even standing there?

What if I could analyze your thoughts as if this was telepathy?

What if this was just a crush?

What’s the feeling in this crowded room where it’s only you and me?

What if I could tell you exactly they way I truly feel?

What if you took one more time to see?

What if I am deluded by a spell, concealing what’s actually real?

 What If 2

What if you could walk your beauty one more time through that door?

What if time could slowly rewind?

What if shared numbers could be stored?

What if you have reservations about my differences to you?

What if I’m just chasing waterfalls?

What if that turned out to be the truth?

What If I’m only dreaming in this lonely heart of mine?

What if I take a steady chance?

What if one day we did unite?



W| By Dean Perretta    @Dean2185

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