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  • Lionheartfelt Respect In-spire LSTV

    Acclaimed @SubjectivityUK Poet/Spoken Word Artist @LionHeartFelt Premieres ‘Respect’

    Jun 4, 14 • 757 Views • In-spireLS Poetry Korner, In-spireLSTV, June 2014Comments Off

    Acclaimed Subjectivity poet/spoken word artist, LionHeart, premieres inimitably captivating, poignant spoken word revelations in the impactful and honest ‘Respect‘. The commanding LionHeart - devoid of self-righteousness – reprises his...

  • In-spire LS Poetry Korner


    Sep 27, 13 • 885 Views • In-spireLS Poetry Korner, September 2013Comments Off

    Superficial charade displayed across your dual and transparent face It’s essentially getting uglier by the day How much more of this sycophantic diatribe can I take? Intuitive thoughts inform me that your californication fake. Don’t even consider...

  • What if

    What If??

    Sep 24, 13 • 1974 Views • In-spireLS Poetry Korner, September 2013Comments Off

    What if she is taken? What if she don’t care? What would the feeling become if she wasn’t even standing there? What if I could analyze your thoughts as if this was telepathy? What if this was just a crush? What’s the feeling in this crowded...

  • Dear Mum

    Dear Mum

    Mar 10, 13 • 708 Views • In-spireLS Poetry Korner, March 2013No Comments

    Dear Mum, I wish like Joshua God would hear my prayers, hold the sun and move it back 15 years. When my arms where to short to embrace you, and my speech was so immature it entertained you.But now I am grown, and you still rule my hearts throne. Even though...

  • BB1162-002

    The Race

    Jan 2, 13 • 907 Views • In-spireLS Poetry Korner, January 2013No Comments

    I can still smell the sweat on your jersey like it were yesterday Your sweat stains were outlined from your forehead down to your waistline, but You described the chair which you sat in as having more strength than you. Said, you would rather feel like this...

  • brown eyes

    Brown Eyes

    Aug 2, 12 • 1404 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    Your eyes shone like the constellation of Orion, leading me to believe; you were the one to guide me to the land of Zion. The liberation of my heart was set alight; that fateful day, you were stunning just as ‘Bridge Over the Lily Pond’ by Claude Monet....

  • love


    Jul 6, 12 • 499 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    At some point in our lives we all come to a cross road…. Emotions coming through by the bus load… Tense and tight feelings from within… Thoughts of you getting under my skin…. Not finding closure from the time before.. But knowing its...

  • our land

    The Trails Of A Small Land

    Jul 1, 12 • 702 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    There is place I know Where the trees are tall The grass is green And the leaves often fall Wildlife is scattered around A Badger, a Squirrel, a Rabbit You name it we’ve seen it A small land full of people A tight community The houses were all neatly...

  • shy-lion-picture_422_3480

    Shy Minded

    Jun 1, 12 • 2515 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    He is calm, as still as a frozen heartbeat, sombre by nature, reflective of all his surroundings. He is an introvert, rich in his understanding of his mind, the archetypal composer, sculpting movement with the upset thought. He is wary, unaware of the depth...

  • bible

    Holy Moly

    Jun 1, 12 • 612 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    This poem is about understanding the importance of your faith and remembering that the relationship which you have with your religious leader is personal. The relationship which you have is also something which should not be interfered with because you never...

  • words_on_a_page_editing_marc-garrido-i-puig_sxc_hu_810896

    Abstract Or Concrete?

    May 5, 12 • 520 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    What are the words that give meaning to a page, what is a page, what is a word. Who is the audience that drives the poet’s ambition, what is the desire to fulfil this ambition. Is it the satisfaction of knowing their words are meaningful, a line upon line...

  • Lost_love

    Lost Opportunities

    Apr 1, 12 • 503 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    I should have chosen honesty, as away from me, I now see how much you meant to me. The tender touch often given to my skin so frequently, now mirrors a distant past in this circumstance of common grief. The colour of truth couldn’t begin to dye these...

  • Let go of love

    Love To Let Go

    Mar 5, 12 • 1129 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    I looked to you as my tower of strength At times your eyes felt so intense To touch your lips made worry no sense As times passed by my happiness grew The love I shared gave me Strength and dignity too Your kind words in sad moments I long to hear Remembering...

  • freedom-for-all

    Liberation Poem

    Mar 3, 12 • 436 Views • In-spireLS Poetry KornerNo Comments

    I’m in a place where hearts can’t beat Minds lose trace of thoughts Tongues are held Ears won’t hear words unless their told from inside the soul I want to release myself from this enclosed place To walk boldly beyond the territories of my ancestors It...

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