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    #MoneyMatters| Staying Financially Safe If You Lose Your Home

    Sep 10, 14 • 206 Views • Featured Slider, Money Matters, September 2014No Comments

    In these financially austere times there are few of us that aren’t worried in some way about our finances and how far our pounds do (or don’t) go. One thing that can really give extra cause for concern is the fear of losing your home, and this can happen...


    #MoneyMatters| PPI: It Pays To Claim

    Sep 5, 14 • 269 Views • April 2014, Featured Slider, Money Matters, September 2014No Comments

    In the last few years within the news, there has been an increase of coverage on the subject of  mis-sold PPI to thousands of families with a low income. Additionally, people are regularly being contacted via text messages, phone calls and emails from random...

  • Poverty in Detroit In-spire LS Magazine

    Is There Hope For Detroit?

    Feb 19, 14 • 660 Views • February 2014, Money Matters, Points of ViewComments Off

    The Motor City became the largest city in the history of the United States to declare that they were filing for bankruptcy in July 2013, after approximately accumulating a fiscal deficit of $18.5 billion (£12.5 million). Detroit’s forlorn financial...

  • Parking Fines In-spire LS Magazine

    Money Matters| Fight Back Against Parking Fines

    Oct 29, 13 • 1093 Views • Money Matters, October 2013Comments Off

    Walking towards your car after a lovely evening out, and you see a bright yellow sticker on your car.  As you get closer towards your car, you realise it is a parking ticket!  This has happened to me on many occasions unfortunately. Studies have shown that...

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    Small Money Saving Tips That Make A BIG Difference!

    May 7, 13 • 610 Views • May 2013, Money MattersNo Comments

    Do Haggle: Go through all your bills and contact your current provider and threaten (in a nice way of course) to leave as you have found a better deal elsewhere. Make sure you do your research on what the other competitions are offering. Last week I rang Sky...

  • savings vouchers inspirels

    Everyone Loves Discount Vouchers!

    Aug 7, 12 • 727 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    When I think of the word voucher,  it immediately conjures up thoughts of a small paper worth £10 that I would find in my annual birthday and Christmas card from my Nan. How times have changed!! Now we are bombarded with free e-vouchers and exclusive codes...

  • hotel savings

    Hotels, Hotels, Hotels-Save Money During The Olympics

    Aug 2, 12 • 488 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    Finally, after what has seemed like an endless countdown to the start of the Olympics, on July 27th July 2012 saw London put on a spectacular opening ceremony to kick start the Olympics 2012. The Olympics ends on the 12th August, then from the 29th August...

  • facebook like

    Facebook- Please ‘Like’ My Share Price

    Jul 1, 12 • 536 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    Facebook, the phenomenal brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, which went from dorm room hacking jibe to the biggest social networking site in the world, recently went public. For months the investment world went wild with rumored dates of a launch, close attention...

  • gym workout

    Use The Gym For FREE!

    Jun 2, 12 • 786 Views • Fitness, Money MattersNo Comments

    Recently I’ve had the sudden urge to start going to the gym. I’ve been researching prices, tariffs and the different types of contracts they have.  Because of my circumstances, I know that I will not be an avid gym goer; I just want to attend whenever I...

  • European Economy 1

    Europe Economy

    Jun 1, 12 • 455 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    The European Union in its current state is on a collision course with breaking up. A marriage that has lasted for just over 13 years is having all types of martial problems. The dominant partner in the relationship, Germany, has kept a strong hold over fiscal...

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    Thinking Of Buying A New House?

    May 4, 12 • 560 Views • Money Matters1 Comment

    In the last few years, it has been hard for potential buyers to buy their dream property, especially for first time buyers.  Trying to save enough money to be able to put down a substantial amount of deposit, plus still trying to maintain an average...

  • how-are-people-making-money-online1

    Feeling The Pinch?

    Apr 1, 12 • 619 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    Inflation is currently causing households and individuals to make severe cutbacks as the cost of paying monthly bills are increasing, for some, having a social life has become virtually non-existent.  Life should not be about living from pay cheque to pay...

  • Complaint-Letter

    Does It Really Pay To Complain?

    Feb 29, 12 • 366 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    To  answer this question bluntly, I say 100% yes.  However, there is a method in doing so.  Recently I reserved an external hard drive online.  When I went to the store, I was informed that the item was not in stock.  I was absolutely livid and demanded...

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    In-spireLS Meets Finance Expert Jasmine Birtles

    Feb 1, 12 • 790 Views • Money MattersNo Comments

    Christmas is finally over and for many this means a lack of money until at least February’s pay cheque. When researching into what to write about for this issue’s ‘Money Matters’ section, I thought, ‘how could I make it different from the...

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