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#InspirationalSong| Damage “Still Be Lovin’ You”

Hi all,

Yes I’m back and I’m gonna be downright selfish. You people in the know must by now realise I love my music. So trust that I will always select an inspirational tune that fits somewhere in with my opinion, my memories or a current affairs topic that piques my interest.

The cut I have selected as this month’s Inspirational Song is there simply on merit I suppose. Taken from the eponymous 2000 album that bore many wonderful tracks. This was always my favourite. It was the beginning of the beginning of the end for me.

This track saw what was the last throw of the all out “bad boy” image I had cultivated. It actually inspired me to look closely at where I was going and more pointedly with whom.

I’m not saying that this song alone gave me that “light bulb” moment but it was certainly in and around at the time. It sticks in the mind because I played it (publicly and privately) over and over again; and so after a time concentrated a lot on the lyrical content.

Realising that you’ve been blinded to the fact that someone you’ve been close to for some time, is actually the one you should be with is one thing. But knowing that fact then shunning them is twice as stupid. This track gave me that “Eureka” moment. That “What F**% are you thinking boy” wake up call. It basically said get your head out of your egotistical backside and go get what’s gone and good before it’s gone for good. As someone once said “You never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”

Love In-spire LS Magazine

Sometimes I think we (blokes especially) get caught up in the living for the moment and being the dude thing so much that it clouds our judgement and blurs lines between what’s good and what’s ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. Sometimes we should all just take a step back and think; where is this heading/Where will it take me? Am I being sincere to myself and to others? Yes there are a whole lotta questions in all of that and I aprpeciate that some of us are not ready or possibly unready to broach them. I might go as far as to say some chaps may NEVER be in a state of mind to even think about their emotional selves and relationships in this way.

It takes guts to approach someone and say that you think that you’ve read signs coming from them and that you interpret them as feelings for you because you dont want to appear smug and you don’t want to laughed at. In truth though you already know how he/she feels because you’ve felt it for years and ignored it in order to move around as it were; it’s just the knowledge that you’ve left it so long to act positively that that person may have compartmentalised those feelings for you and have decided not to waste any more energy waiting and wanting and simply moved on. DUDE or DUDETTE – You should’ve known better!!

On an upbeat thought though. That person described above may well have also waited for you to come to your senses (Patiently waiting in the wings so to speak) and welcome your Eureka moment with open arms. Yes you’ve been friends for some time but really you’ve both been more for that same period. It’s just that one had to wait for the other to change course and lifestyle in order to clearly define their life and the pattern it takes.

So this is not about taking the chance that someone might be more than a friend and knowing that “from now ‘til the end of time, you’ll always be a friend of mine”

It’s more about them staying in your heart even when you’ve pushed (metaphorically) them and their feelings away because you chose not to deal with it as you were steering a more open and cosmopolitan course at that time.

Anyway, I have given a small hint to what the track is in the last paragraph and I need to come back to first person. So as I was saying this track helped move me to another place and I’m still in that happy place right now and blessed to be so it’s funny how music can be so inspiring that it can change the course of your life……..and mine.


Be Inspired…



W| By Ian Birthwright                        @Brooklynflyer

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In-spirational Song of The Month| Chic ‘Good Times’

In times of depression, austerity, recession and uncertainty people will always look to basic staples to find peace, reassurance, relaxation, fun and at times inspiration.  This is why we find many more people turn to religion and family or perhaps even food and of course music.

During the recession of the mid to late 1970’s the world was also in the grip of financial uncertainty and poverty. There was hunger, power shortages, industrial unrest and political agitation. Amidst all of this the world was also in the grip of something else; DISCO. Up and down the land people flocked to dance clubs and discotheques to forget all of their troubles, have fun and dance the night away. People dressed in their finest funky clothes and went for a night filled with music, laughter and sheer happiness.

As with anything else, people utilised other means to further enhance the experience but that is for another debate. In these times, people flocked to their nearest or best clubs to experience the glittering ball, flashing lights and pulsating rhythm of the music pumping from sound-stages; the likes of which had not been assembled until this point. This all added to the almost unearthly, dream like trance that disco goers found themselves in. The atmosphere was charged, almost electric and people fed on this like nectar. Happy smiling faces, as one tribe tuned into this bass, treble and vocal driven fusion of sound and movement. The DJ’s, ever more skilful and adept; armed with the newest sounds and improving technology, fed the thronging crowd hour after hour with non- stop musical nectar. Good times.

Written and composed by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the song “Good Times” was performed by their group Chic in 1979. The song and the Chic sound came to epitomise all that disco and the 70’s was all about in as far as allowing people a few moments in life to feel good about themselves and towards each other. To allow them to believe that, even for a brief moment, there was hope and the promise of a better life just around the corner. As mentioned there was a deep world recession at this time.

Nile Rodgers was rounded on by some political commentators for releasing such a tune in a time when people were struggling to make ends meet. “Where were these good times” they sneered. Rodgers and Edwards had, within the lyrics; paid homage to Leo Reismans “Happy Days are Here Again” which President FDR used as his campaign song in the early 1930’s.

Even at that time, opposition members criticised Democrats for offering up a song at a time when there was no money and people suffered not just in the USA but around the world. It was precisely that message that the Chic was trying to convey. The need to raise public optimism and spirits. Empower people with positivity and the desire to release themselves from the attrition of poverty via self-belief . Yes, folk can have good times if they help each other and strive. Fruitful times can and will come again.

So my “Inspirational song” for this month is the 1979 dance floor filling and much sampled classic “Good Times” by Chic.

On another very brief note I think we are all aware of what is happening in Syria and of the unrest in many countries in the North of Africa. I would like to dedicate the attached song to the people of Syria and surrounding nations suffering terribly; and to the governments and nations around the world that may be able to influence what occurs now and in coming weeks.


W| By Ian Birthwright               @Brooklynflyer

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In-spirational Song Of The Month: Bob Marley “War”

Going back to my reggae inspired roots. I had me a little Bob Marley revival a few weeks aback following an inspirational visit to the Bob Marley Exhibition that was part of the British Music Experience at the O2.Which was brilliant by the way.

This month’s ‘Inspirational Song of choice’ is Bob Marley’s “WAR” as this

Although, 36 years old the lyrics speak clearly and loudly about the state of the world in 2012 and the need for the end to wars, poverty, corruption and for the end to starvation. Marley also calls for equal rights for all and the end to brutal oppression of many millions of people around the world at the time by various regimes

As an aside it is not just Bob, Allen Cole and Carlton Barrett that wrote the lyrics. They cunningly wove the words of a speech by the late Emperor Haile Selassie ofEthiopiainto the songs lyrics. He actually gave that speech 13 years or so before at the United Nations when calling for peace and an end to poverty and starvation due to years of western fuelled wars in third world countries.

Please take time and listen to this song.

It is honest and uplifting but also disturbingly accurate. Whilst things have moved on and oppression is less prevalent more must be done to help the less fortunate. We must strive to uplift one another.

Be In-spired.

Dare to Dream




W| By Ian Birthwright @Brooklynflyer

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