Live a Grateful Life

I know as we are living and experiencing in this life, there are so many things that we would love to have in our possession; and we even consciously envy other people’s lives and wish that we were living their life. But what we all need to do is to learn how to appreciate what we already have. There’s a saying that I always see, and that is ‘Someone is praying for what you already have’. All that means is there is someone out there who is in an even more dire situation or circumstance than you and is wishing to have what you have—yet at the same time, what you have already doesn’t seem like it’s enough!

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Throwback Spotlight Interview | In-spire Lifestyles Meets Usain Bolt

It had to be done! In-spireLS were the only magazine to land an interview with Olympic and World Champion Usain Bolt last year and after his phenomenal success in the Olympic 100 metre final, we wanted to share his inspirational interview with those who have not read it. We are proud of our Superman for retaining his title and believe that he will be able to to retain his 200m title also. The 5th August is a beautiful night for athletics and a beautiful night for Team Jamaica. Usain, we SALUTE YOU.

Humility and focus are the words that summarise the talent and phenomenon that is World Champion and Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt. He is a living legend and by the time he comes to the end of his career there is no doubt that he will enter into the history books alongside notable sporting greats including Pele and Muhammed Ali. We are truly honoured and humbled by our exclusive interview with Usain Bolt. Be in-spired.

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Throwback Spotlight Interview | In-spire Lifestyles Meets Author, Speaker and Life Coach Tony A. Gaskins

You may not know who Tony Gaskins is if you reside within the United Kingdom and if you do; you may not know many people who share your understanding of his work to date. Whether you know or don’t, believe me when I tell you that Tony is what ‘Supermen’ are made of.  From humble beginnings, Tony has changed his life and has become the voice of reason for thousands of people all over the world. An accomplished author, life/relationship coach, motivational speaker and film maker, Gaskins life could have taken quite a different path, after he stumbled onto a negative road. However, he took a new insight from these life changing events and made a pact with himself to instill a positive change. Read on to find out how he managed to change a positive into negative, learn how his time as a guest on both the Oprah Winfrey and Tyra shows catapulted him to stardom and gain more insight into how he manages his numerous commitments. Tony Gaskins, we salute you!

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This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes it is difficult to be in the ‘go get ‘em’ mode all the time. We all have peaks and pits of motivation; things that encourage us to conquer our goals and things that make these goals feel ever distant, which in turn leave the echo of ‘Just give up’ to come knocking at the door.

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The Art Of Letting Go And Wonders It Can Do For Your Life

‘’Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.’’
– Hermann Hesse

Letting go of the things that no longer serve us in life is beyond difficult. It requires a huge mental effort, lucidity, and will. The common reason why we hesitate to let go and continue to dwell on the past regrets is usually fear. However, it’s not any kind of fear, but the fear of change. For many people change is far more frightening than pain. We are only able to break free from this vicious circle when the current situation becomes unbearable. But then it will be too late.

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Find What Motivates You

Allow me to get straight to the point. You can set as many clear and concise goals you so choose. You can write them in attractive notebooks and fancy them up with highlighters for that added extra. But unless you’re clear as to what will motivate you to actually make those goals happen. You will not move forward. End of story.

I read so many personal development books that tell you that one of the key ways to become successful in whatever your chosen field may be is to be decisive and clear in your goals and your overall objective. Of course, this is in many ways accurate but behind this has to be the intention to be committed to lifting these goals off of the page and this can only happen if you are completely aware of what will drive you and empower you to make them happen, no matter what, regardless of the sacrifice.

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Find It Difficult To Meditate? Read This!

Meditation by its original definition is nothing more than thinking about something or contemplating about something. Lately however when someone says ‘I meditate’ we assume the person sits in the lotus position (with legs crossed) holding palms of their hands together in a prayerlike gesture and… thinking nothing.

When we want to meditate, we usually mean we want to relax in an efficient manner. In short, meditation can be any type of ‘activity’ where your mind is taken off the daily struggles and your body is somewhat rested. Which, in itself, is a bit of a dangerous slope given that many meditation tapes suggest for you to lie down. And of course, we fall asleep if we are tired enough, we’ve all been there!

So, are there other type of meditations we can all do easily and while achieving the results we seek from meditation: rest, recharge and some feeling of balance, (even if only a short period of time after performing meditation?)

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Two Words That Can Change Your Life

I used to be always on the go. Felt like time was running out. Seemed as if I was chasing my own tail, striving to become something that I didn’t know I already was. While I am partly to blame, society, trends, clichés and poor information had me believe that “hard work” is the secret to success. I’d make excuses to further solidify my unhealthy attachments to being busy, and burned out in the process. Until, that day came and I burned out. It was at this point where I heard God telling me “There is a better way”. I had no energy to fight any longer, opened my Bible and got the confirmation I needed, slap, bang in my face.

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Singer & Songwriter Yuna

When I look at Yuna I firstly see a woman with substance; she doesn’t need to bare skin or compromise her morals to increase her sales because she has been able to transcend barriers and reach international status with her undoubtable song writing and vocal talents. She stands for something far deeper than words can say; than images can convey. She is the epitome of what we call a POWER WOMAN. I caught up with Yuna to talk more on her career, the worldwide success of her album Chapters, working with Usher on ‘that hit’, keeping her personal identity + much more. #BeINspired

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Throwback | SpotlightInterview | Sir Richard Branson

It’s not often that you get the chance to interview an individual like Sir Richard Branson. Being an aspiring entrepreneur myself, there is nothing more powerful that hearing valuable pearls of wisdom, from significant individuals who have achieved major success in their chosen field. Read our exclusive interview with Sir Richard Branson and get the opportunity to be inspired, empowered and encouraged to go forth on your own, unique journey.

I had the pleasure of attending your event at the Royal Opera House which was organised by the phenomenal and truly inspirational young people, who were chosen to become ‘Virgin Media Pioneers’. What made you decide to start this venture?

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