8 Of The Best Biker Jackets Out Now!

The worst thing about following the current trends is that you can often find you have to put away your favourite pieces because they are ‘so last season dahling!’ fortunately for us, biker jackets are going no where so we can bring the ones we already own to the front of our wardrobes and drool over these hot picks. Which ones will you be investing in?

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Spring 2018: Stylish Trend Updates You’ll Love

Wouldn’t it be great if that “New Year – new me” trend meant that you could completely overhaul your wardrobe and change (and improve) your style? We all fantasize about something similar, but that’d be a disaster for our finances. On the bright side, you don’t have to do something that extreme in order to start the season in style. We give you a list of simple trend updates that will make you look as stylish as ever.

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The Best Fashion Month Looks So Far

Can you believe that February’s done? It seems that January lasted for 3 months and February, the fashion month, for only 10 days! Crazy, isn’t it? Be as it may, February brought to us new rules and trends as far as fashion is concerned, so we can relax now browsing the internet to find the best fashion combinations we are going to rock during the course of 2018. So, take a look at the best fashion trends that are going to be huge this year:

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Superdry to Sponsor Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Graduate Fashion Week has announced that renowned British brand Superdry is partnering for the first time, sponsoring a new award: The Superdry Outerwear Award. Superdry is known for its mix of vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. As outerwear specialists, it was a natural fit for the brand to sponsor Graduate Fashion Week’s new award which will be judged on Wednesday 6th June and announced on the catwalk at the famous Gala Award Show that same evening.

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Not So Basic Ways to Layer Your Wardrobe

The temperature drops and we all groan, annoyed. Great, instead of cute outfits now we get to wear huge, shapeless masses of thick fabric that will make us look like a big blob of dough. Just the kind of look you were going for on a hot date! Ugh.

But then you check your Instagram and see all these gals in their sassy little coats, giving off an effortless vibe and damn, how do they pull it off? They certainly don’t look like a pillowcase stuffed with turkey feathers, they look downright sleek and elegant. Ah, but they know secret – how to layer their clothes to look both stylish and feel warm.

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How to Get Your Wardrobe Blooming This Spring

You can breathe a sigh of relief… it’s spring! There are birds in the air, daisies are budding forth from dampened soil, and the sun is just starting to sprinkle you in its divine caress… and, so on and so forth. Yep, spring is friggin’ fantastic… that’s for damn sure… but, what’s the best thing about this time of year? It would have to be ditching the winter coat and getting into some liberatingly lighter, stylishly seasonal wear. Here are some fresh picks to get your wardrobe blooming this spring.

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