Funding Freedom- Being Small is your Biggest Asset

If you’re a startup solopreneur, entrepreneur, mompreneur or whatever, a huge part of trying to realise your dreams is to set your bar immensely high and start looking at what women who own companies with widespread appeal did – Doris Fischer of Gap, Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos and Oprah Winfrey of everything. The reason we look to massive companies like this is they’re massively successful, especially financially. Now compare that to smaller operations where cash-flow is a regular point on internal meetings.

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Not All Touchy Feely -Best Careers For The Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence isn’t just one’s ability to be empathetic, caring, and soft-hearted. It’s a real talent for reading people, for helping them better manage their personalities, and working with them to reach real goals. It’s a kind of intelligence that’s starting to get valued more and more as time goes on, and now we’re starting to recognize careers in which they might excel above all else.

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How Selling Yourself Became The Most Crucial Career Skill

When we think of career skills, we often think of the qualifications and the specific job skills we’ve learned that make up the core of the work we do. Or we might think of the soft skills that make us a great member of any team, such as time management or good communication skills. But if there’s one set of skills that need to be focused on, it’s the skills that get you the job in the first place. Here, we’re going to look at just why one skill, in particular, has become much more important as of late: the skill of self-promotion.

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Don’t Like Your Job? Here’s How To Make It More Fulfilling

It can be something that consumes our entire outlook on life if we let it, and it’s not particularly difficult to let it color our outlook on everything with a negative hue. Working in a career you don’t like is something that, surprisingly, a lot of people just put up with now. The age-old adage of hard work paying off appears to be for less purpose now than it ever used to be. And while competition for jobs is more rife now, especially the more desired roles, a lot of us feel inclined to stay in a safe job, with the regular paycheck that we get every month and live a life of complete mundanity. But is that all there is? Or can you make the most out of where you are? Of course you can! And here is how.

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Staying Safe at Work

Wherever you work, be it in construction, warehouses, factories, retail stores or in an office, there will invariably be health and safety risks that you face on a daily basis. You may not even know! It is your employer’s legal responsibility to create a safe and healthy working environment by carrying out thorough risk assessments and putting measures in place to ensure safety.

Being dutiful and aware of health and safety in the workplace as an employee can help to prevent accidents and injuries that can cause absence from work and illness. While your employer should provide you with the right equipment and training, if they don’t or you feel health and safety is lacking in some way you should raise these issues at work.

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Many Faces Of The Law -Following a Career in The Law Sector

Most people are inspired to become lawyers when they see shows like “Law & Order” and they want to bring criminals to justice. Then they grow up and learn that this is only one of many aspects of the law; family law, property law, corporate law, business law, media law, the list goes on and on. The good news is that there are many types of law careers to suit individual strengths and interests, and you’ll always be helping someone get what they want. The more challenging news is, you have to narrow down those interests as soon as possible so you can start specialising right away.

As well as passing the bar exam and becoming an actual solicitor or barrister, there are also a number of careers that don’t actually take place in a law firm. To give you a better idea of what a career in law could involve, and to find what’s right for you, here are just a few examples of what you could do with a law degree.

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Becoming a #LadyBoss | Tips for Breaking Into Entrepreneurism

The traditional way of looking at a career has often been that once you graduate from college, you get a job, climb the ladder, achieve promotions and maybe buy a fancy car when you retire. But, as younger generations enter the workforce, this has begun to change, and the entrepreneurial bug has begun to spread.

If you find yourself wondering if you could launch your own business with an idea that inspires you, you’re not alone! The age of the internet has created this same dream in other people all around the world. All it takes to get going is a little bit of research.

Here are four tips for how you can break into the world of entrepreneurism and become a fantastic #LadyBoss.

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Struggling To Get a Job? Here’s 6 Reason’s Why You Aren’t Getting Hired

Job hunting is tough! Your days are spent sending out resumes and attending interviews, but when you still can’t get the job you have been looking for, you may become discouraged. Looking at it rationally, you may not be to blame. There are hundreds of other people going for the same positions, so the chances of you getting picked over somebody else may be slim. However, there could be a good reason why you’re not getting hired. These are just some of them.

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How You Can Cope With a Bad Boss

Most of us at one time or another have had an experience of a bad boss. They’re everywhere, in all industries, dotted all around the globe. They’re the kind of boss that makes you dread going to work, can cause your performance to suffer, and cause the general attitude in your workplace to be morose. Bad bosses are the bane of the working world.

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10 Things to Prepare Yourself for as a Woman Before Getting Into IoT Career

IoT, or the Internet of Things, as it has come to be known, is a field that, although new, is raising a lot of interest. Just like everything else new in this world, it was initially male-dominated, however, more and more female attention is being drawn by it, and with attractive job prospects and serious salary packages, this will only grow over time.

However, before rushing into a male-dominated field and challenge the norm, you should take a bit of time to prepare yourself for what will ensue. Remember that this is just for the sake of prevention and preparation, it is not something that is set in stone.

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