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#BookKorner| Sergio Agüero – ‘Born To Rise’

Argentina and Manchester City superstar, Sergio Aguero, releases brand new autobiographical novel entitled ‘Born To Rise’. The 26-year-old two-time English Premier League Champion and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Finals runner up firmly illustrates the inspirational narrative in ‘Born To Rise’ how he grew up in poverty in Bueno Aires, Argentina, before becoming a globally recognized, multi-millionaire professional athlete and technically natural goalscorer in the world’s most famous soccer league – English Premier League; Aguero has 7.5 million subscribers on Twitter, and 8.6 million fans on Facebook.

Aguero – similar to compatriot Messi – vividly recollects his roots throughout the unvarnished tale; documenting playing in unsavoury circumstances when playing the beautiful game without monetary attached. Sergio Aguero’s positive influence – on and off the field – has seen Manchester City mark their dominating territory over intense bitter rivals and 13-time English Premier League Champions Manchester United. The former Atletico Madrid hero – known affectionately as Kun – speaks of great admiration of Manchester City claiming their first English Premier League crown in history by way of a thrilling stoppage time game-winning strike against Queen’s Park Rangers on the final day of the English Premier League 2011-12 season; Aguero claims this to be the most defining moment of his successful career thus far. Manchester City subsequently became English Premier League Champions in 2013-14, where Sergio Aguero led in goals scored for Manchester City; the talent-laden Manchester City is owned by United Arab Emirates affluent billionaire royal, Khaldoon Al Mubarak.

The in-form Argentinean fondly speaks of his personal relationships with former Internazionale and Manchester City Head Coach, Roberto Mancini, and current Manchester City Head Coach ,Manuel Pellegrini, whilst humbly confirming that he needs to net 70 goals in one season before being remotely considered in the iconic class of Lionel Andrés Messi (FC Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).

Aguero – who earns £10.4m per season – has an affinity with Manchester City fans, commenting in ‘Born To Rise’ how he loyally wants to remain with the sky blues until the elusive dreams of claiming the prestigious UEFA Champions League arrives; Aguero further alludes how he wants to remain with the reigning English Premier League title holders for the rest of his professional soccer career.

Sergio Aguero is the son-in-law of Argentina national treasure, Diego Armando Maradona, and talks about his life beyond the spotlight, with ex-wife Giannina, being subject. ‘Born To Rise’ essentially captures a true rags to riches story that will resonate with readers who dare to dream.Sergio Aguero scores an important goal with his novel debut effort in sharing the truth beyond the image and saccharin fame.


W| By Dean Perretta                                 @DeanPerretta 

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In-spire LS Reviews| Book Korner: 10 Steps For Creating A Happy Life By Sophia Husbands

In an era where technology advances at astronomical speed, one thing positive that has come from inventions such as kindles and Ipads, is that books are now more affordable and accessible than ever.

After having the opportunity to meet with Life Coach, Author and creator of the Inspirational Online source SophiasWorld, Sophia Husbands in my V.I.P Room on Colourful Radio, I was given an E-book of Sophia’s latest book ’10 Steps For Creating A Happy Life’.- A Guide On Increasing Happiness. I have read a number of self-help/personal development books which are written as a guide to help you take the necessary steps to improve your life for the better.

My main issue with many of these books is that the authors never really ever paint a true and realistic picture of their journey to where they are now. It’s as if they believe that by blindsiding us as the reader, we won’t ask questions. However, I much prefer to read from individuals who offer a first-hand perspective into the ups and downs of their journey. You don’t want to be far removed from the subject at hand, and when the subject is a person; you want to get as much insight into their personal journey as possibly possible.

Be Happy

That’s the reasons why ’10 Steps For Creating A Happy Life’  is essential reading for anyone who needs clear and simple steps to help to begin implementing positive changes. It all starts from your mind-set and taking little steps, one day at a time; however with a guide which is easy to read and provides strong examples to read and learn from; this book is a must for anyone who is seeking to embark on a new path of self-discovery.

Within the book, Sophia talks about and breakdowns a number of key concepts which she carefully deconstructs; they are:

1. Keep Having Faith
2. Keep Being Consistent
3. Be True To Yourself
4. Not Worrying about getting things right the first time
5. Practise New Methods
6. Be Patient for Results to Materialise

All of these are matters that we all at some time battle with and Sophia takes the time to refer to her own life and to give honest direction as to how she has managed to find the balance and to apply all of these things within her life.

The book is also filled with the much needed exercises for you to complete and to chart your progress and to establish where you are. It is also filled with the necessary positive and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated throughout.

If you want to start making a positive change in your life, this book is definitely a good first step to take. What’s even more exciting is the fact that it is available to download for free from Sophia’s official website. This is a must read for anyone who wants real advice from someone who is actively working on her very own inspirational journey.

Visit Sophia’s home on the web HERE



W| By Sasha Shantel                                    @SashaShantelVIP

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#InspireLS Reviews| 65 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

There was a time when I just didn’t care about growing or maintaining my own hair. As ignorant as it may sound, I felt I had other pressing issues to deal with and my hair wasn’t one of them. However, over time the incessant use of GHD’s, weaves, relaxers and endless sessions of colouring; not to mention the constant tugging of my hair led to excessive hair loss, bald patches, shedding and an over- sensitive scalp that felt as if it was constantly on fire!

It became a living nightmare and the need to make a positive change became more pressing.  Over the next few months, I made a conscious decision to take control of my eating habits, to incorporate more water into my daily diet as well as researching more into the products I used on my hair. I can happily say that my hair is longer, fuller and stronger than it has been in over 5 years. It isn’t back to its best, but it has come a lot further than where it was.

My progress came from the fact that I began recognising what my hair needed. However, it isn’t always easy to know where to begin, what to look for and what hair care products to implement into your daily hair care regime.

Luckily, help is at hand! I recently had the opportunity via Colourful Radio to interview Diane Hall,  the author of the helpful handbook ‘ 65 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth’. As far as manuals go, this book has all the necessary ingredients needed to help you on your healthy hair journey.

Healthy Hair Growth Diane Hall

When it comes to advice, model, author, hair stylist and entrepreneur Diane, is the right person to offer pearls of “tried and tested’ wisdom.  She has been featured in numerous hair and fashion publications and recognises first hand the importance women’s hair has to their overall beauty and self-esteem.  Having embarked on her own personal journey of re-discovery and self-acceptance.  Hall recognised that black hair was beautiful and could be healthy.

The result is a fantastic book filled with 65 tips ranging from protective styles that can be adopted to making your own hair products at home. She also points out the pros and cons of particular practices and hair products; leading you in the right direction.

One of the most interesting facts I personally took from the book was the fact the much of the products that she recommended could easily be found within the confines of my kitchen.  Of course, out of the 65 tips, there are ones that everyone knows and recognises to be true like, cutting back on alcohol or quitting smoking; or the much simpler, drinking water. However, further to that; the book also provides information that isn’t as easy to obtain without thorough research, making your life much easier!

The simplicity to the book and the fact that it isn’t big and bulky makes it that more easier to read in one sitting, however I would suggest that you sit with a pen and a note pad to jot down all the products you may need to purchase.

Diane Hall In-spire LS Hair

Another major selling factor of this book is the fact that it is priced at the very affordable amount of £2.50, which means it’s at everyone’s reach.

Diane has her own website dedicated to her care routines and is filled with information to help you with your hair care, no matter the type.  You can also purchase your copy of ’65 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth’ on there too.

Visit for more information on how you can get your copy.  If you are up to date with technology you can purchase an e-book version via Amazon for only 77p!













W| By Sasha Shantel.            @sashashantelvip via      @inspirelsbeauty





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