3 Reasons Why You Really Should Encourage Yourself

There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling your self just how great you are and saying well done for how far you’ve got thus far. Damn it, life is tough and has so many twists and turns. To help though, just giving yourself some encouragement goes a long way. So here’s a few reasons why you really need to; from today adopt this practise and see your life improve for the better.

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Find What Motivates You

Allow me to get straight to the point. You can set as many clear and concise goals you so choose. You can write them in attractive notebooks and fancy them up with highlighters for that added extra. But unless you’re clear as to what will motivate you to actually make those goals happen. You will not move forward. End of story.

I read so many personal development books that tell you that one of the key ways to become successful in whatever your chosen field may be is to be decisive and clear in your goals and your overall objective. Of course, this is in many ways accurate but behind this has to be the intention to be committed to lifting these goals off of the page and this can only happen if you are completely aware of what will drive you and empower you to make them happen, no matter what, regardless of the sacrifice.

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Two Words That Can Change Your Life

I used to be always on the go. Felt like time was running out. Seemed as if I was chasing my own tail, striving to become something that I didn’t know I already was. While I am partly to blame, society, trends, clichés and poor information had me believe that “hard work” is the secret to success. I’d make excuses to further solidify my unhealthy attachments to being busy, and burned out in the process. Until, that day came and I burned out. It was at this point where I heard God telling me “There is a better way”. I had no energy to fight any longer, opened my Bible and got the confirmation I needed, slap, bang in my face.

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To Lose Is To Gain

I know we all have times where we’ve lost people, or we’ve lost precious possessions; but have you ever thought that even though you’ve lost these people and things, there is still something positive that can come out of it? Sometimes in life what we don’t really tend to look at is when we do lose things, we tend to obtain something much better. It is difficult to lose a job or a partner or even a sentimental possession that is close to our heart. However, I encourage you to think about what life and the universal has opened up for and to you. Nothing ever is taken away from you without a better replacement that is never too far behind; you just need to welcome it and be ready to receive it.

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The Trees Are About To Show Us How Beautiful It Is To Let Dead Things Go

Whether it is unconstructive habits, relationships, friendships or destructive commitments, there comes a time in life where in order for us to grow and step into our new self, we must let go. Letting go isn’t always easy as our branches get accustomed to holding onto seasonal plants and fruits, however, as the seasons change, the holding onto of out of season harvest can prevent and delay our new season and potential for new growth. Many times in life we come to points where we feel heavy, weighed down and overwhelmed by the plethora of commitments that we periodically carry. In these moments it is essential that we check ourselves and do somewhat of a life audit, filing the accounts of our wellbeing. The essentiality of this task is an understatement when we consider how quickly we habitually conform to unhealthy patterns of life.

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Why Having A Healthy Work-Life Balance is Essential to Wellbeing

Many people struggle with living and working. In this very constant quest to move up the ladder, fit into society and secure financial security, we often neglect the very life we currently have.

I once suffered from this conflictual nature. I was working so many hours with the impression that this was productive, without realising that I was sacrificing my very present life for an un-promised future desired life. I burnt out, became detached from who I am, and lost all sense of purpose outside of working.

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