Despite what you might have assumed, it’s actually not all that hard – or even expensive – to make sure your travels are as luxurious as you like. Everyone enjoy revelling in riches during their holidays away, but it often seems as though it is not readily done. The truth is that it is surprisingly easy to do, no matter your income. You just need to spend some time focusing on a few essentials, and know what to do to find those secret hidden gems. In this post, we are going to share some secrets you can take advantage of to really make your next travel much more luxurious.

Free Upgrades

Getting free upgrades is something we all dream of – but they might be easier to come by than you think. The truth is that the right attitude and a little understanding about how these things work can help you to get a decent free upgrade on many aspects of your trip. One of the most common upgrades, which is surprisingly easy to get, is on your flight. So how can you make this happen in your next journey?

60% of travellers claim to have been given a free upgrade at some point in the past, so it’s not as hard as you think. You are more likely to be offered a free upgrade for operational reasons, such as the economy cabin being full or oversold, so choosing busy flights is likely to make it more likely. Similarly, the more regularly you fly, the more likely it is that you will be given an upgrade. Also, travel alone and you are more likely to be chosen, for the simple fact that there is only one of you!

However you make it happen, getting a free upgrade can immediately make your holiday feel that much more special.

Cheap High-Quality Accommodation

For many people, that can seem like something of an oxymoron; how can you possibly expect to get cheap luxury accommodation? But as with the free upgrade on a plane, you would be surprised at just how easy it is to find yourself in some luxury accommodation for not that much money. For a start, it is worth shopping around before you go, to ensure you really have the best deal. If you know where to look, even luxury private villas don’t have to be that pricey, and that alone could make your travels much more exciting and luxurious.

Another way to get much more out of your accommodation is to simply find ways to make a budget hotel feel much more luxurious. This is actually quite simple to do. For a start, do whatever you can to make it as cosy as you can. You can light some scented candles or whatever you like, just so long as it is something that will add a little glamour to the room. Carrying a silk pillowcase with you on holiday can help to make any accommodation that little bit more special, all without paying any extra for the room itself. It’s also worth remembering that chatting and being friendly to the staff will make a difference, and sometimes it can even mean you find yourself in a nicer room as a result.

With accommodation that you can really enjoy, you are bound to feel that your holiday is starting to become much more luxurious. But there are still other elements to consider if you really want to go all out.


Eating Out

A big part of any trip is always going to be eating out. In all likelihood, you probably want to treat yourself as much as you can with the food, but without spending all of your money. While this can be a little difficult to get right at first, the truth is that with a more practised air you can soon figure out how to make this happen. Most of all, it is worth looking into where you are travelling to beforehand, as you might find that certain locations are more suitable for finding cheap food which is still amazing. If you simply travel to the right places, therefore, you can get hold of some incredible luxury food without paying the price tag of other locations. Beyond that, there is much to be said for simply shopping around while you are there.

With the right understanding, you can easily bring a little luxury to your travels, and doing so should not be too hard at all. Do this, and you are sure to have a much better time on the who

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