Is there anything better in life than traveling? Yes, it’s having that adventure with your furry friend! No matter what kind of trip it is, you can almost always take your dog and have a faithful companion with you. However, traveling with a dog can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time. So, here are some useful and easy tips that will make traveling smooth, stress-free and fun both for you and your dog!

Spend that extra energy

One of the best ways to have a smooth trip is to make sure your dog has been well exercised and tired out before your trip. A dog that is full of energy will not react very well to small spaces and will want to play while you drive. A tired dog, on the other hand, will be ready to sleep and rest. Also, remember to make frequent stops. These will give your dog an opportunity to stretch its legs and spend that built-up energy.

Get a good crate

If you want to ensure your safety and the safety of your dog, it’s always best to crate your dog during the car ride. This way you’ll minimize the distractions to the driver and also protect your dog in case of a sudden stop or a crash. And if you get a crate that’s suitable for your dog, they will love the comfort and safety it provides during the trip.

Make snack stops

If you want to prevent accidents and ensure a comfy ride, make sure not to feed your dog a lot before and during the trip, especially if you know your pup is prone to motion sickness. Also, avoid feeding during the ride itself. Once you stop for a break, however, make sure to give your dog a little snack that’s nutritious but light.

Never leave the dog in the car

This goes without saying, but let’s just repeat it once more — never leave your dog alone in a parked car. Cars can get very hot very fast and your pup can get dehydrated.

Provide ample comfort

In order to provide your dog with relaxation during your trip, make sure to pack its favorite toy or blanket. The familiar smells will certainly comfort it. For some extra relaxation, you can take a little lavender oil and give your dog a soothing aromatherapy massage! Once you arrive, make sure to continue feeding your dog at your usual times and with foods that are familiar no matter where you traveled — you don’t want to upset your pup’s stomach. For instance, if you went to Australia, you don’t even have to roam the streets to find your regular dog food. Simply order some quality dog food online and you and your dog are set! And don’t forget to order plenty of treats while you’re at it! You’ll need them during walks and playtime.

Plane journey

If you’re flying with your dog, make sure to check with the airlines about their pet policy before you start your journey. Many companies have strict rules about dog travel and require health certificates from the vet. However, most car rules apply here as well. Crate your pup before you enter the noisy airport and make sure to fast your dog for at least 6 hours before the flight. Also, make a pit stop just before you arrive at the airport for your dog to get a final stretch and empty its bladder. However, provide plenty of water for your pup to have during the flight.

Conduct good accommodation research

Don’t let your accommodation set you up for an unpleasant surprise once you arrive and do ample research. Make sure to choose a hotel that not only tolerates pets but welcomes them in style. There are pet-friendly hotels that can even give you useful information about dog parks, hikes and other activities you can do with your pet in the area. In case your dog gets fussy in the hotel room, don’t encourage it. Make sure to stay calm and take it out for a little walk. Bothering other guests will not leave a good impression and can make you feel embarrassed.

Be patient and vigilant

Being in a new environment means thousands of new smells, noises and sights for your dog which can make it feel a bit insecure or too enthusiastic. So, make sure to be patient and alert during the pit stops and walks. Pay attention to what’s around, especially when passing through an area with things that can potentially be ingested, bitten or chased. If you happen to travel during the holiday season, you can expect many lights, decoration and edible ornaments that can be quite distracting and even life-threatening for your pooch.

If you follow all of these travel tips, your dog will have a fun and stress-free trip. Just be calm, alert and try to use your common sense, and you’ll never want to take another trip without your furry friend!



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