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How many times have you held yourself back or let opportunities pass you by because you weren’t perfectly ready? “I’m ready to start working on this dream BUT..I’m ready to put myself out there BUT.”  It’s easy to give yourself the excuse that you’ll do it when it’s perfect. You think you are doing something positive by waiting until things are perfect but I am sorry to tell you that the perfect moment will never arrive and you will never be perfectly ready until you START taking action.

I am guilty of calling myself a perfectionist and for a long time I thought that it was a positive trait until I discovered that it was the perfect lie that was keeping me stuck. In this episode of LevantayTV I share with you why you must kick BUT for success and the five steps I took to overcome the perfectionism trap. Click play and lets KICK IT!

It’s easy to hide behind the veil of perfectionism because it carries with it an entourage of alibis to readily give you a reason not to take the leap. If you catch yourself desiring to take certain actions and feeling ready yet as soon as you decide you hear that annoying voice saying “but you’re not ready or it’s not perfect,” that’s the voice of perfectionism. One of perfectionism’s chief alibis is fear, often taking the form of procrastination and self-doubt. These two will kick you in the knee and try to keep you stagnant so you must develop your own strategy of getting out of this rut time and time again.

If you are finding yourself stuck click here to unlock the playsheet and get the five practical steps you can take to break out of the perfectionism trap and start moving towards success.

My next episode of LevantayTV will continue exploring this topic and teach you how you can turn perfectionism into fuel for success.

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