Sometimes it is difficult to be in the ‘go get ‘em’ mode all the time. We all have peaks and pits of motivation; things that encourage us to conquer our goals and things that make these goals feel ever distant, which in turn leave the echo of ‘Just give up’ to come knocking at the door.

It is when you’re in a gung-ho mode and taking steps forward to implement visions, that the magic can really happen, moving out of our comfort zone and in to the exciting unknown!! Getting a spring in your step can occur through a number of mediums. From seeing someone else achieving a similar goal, to reading a quote that addresses something that resonates with you, to simply having a chat with a friend or taking a break from the running’s of life and retreating to a hobby.

From experience, it is these moments, moments which absorbs all my focus that allows me to feel the most alive and gives me strength and makes me refreshed and ready to make the next move. However, there are times when this battery runs flat. Here, beliefs, visions and the way that the present is perceived becomes a little distorted, not quite knowing how to move forward or whether this is even an option.

The thing that was the source of motivation tries to be recaptured, but this seems to be forced; it’s not long before we are back in a funk. It almost feels as if we’re trapped and can’t escape, that the earlier happy, clappy song we sang was momentary. We then do that thing that everyone says, even we have said before, not to compare how lives to others-promoting theirs and demoting ours. We spiral in to darkness out of the light, wondering if this will be the only view we will see, not fully motivated; the interests we once had changes or gets suppressed by something unknown but it feels heavy.

I wish I knew how to unlock this feeling or get the secret password to getting back to being awake, but the truth is there is no quick fix; there in no special key or magic word. The way that I find best is just to allow yourself to feel whatever is going on and not to fight it- or else, my love, you will be in a bigger mess- this is no way easy or pleasant.

Another thing that is helpful (and I should really use this advice myself more) is to let the external world listen and see yours. By expressing your thoughts not only will someone else be able to give you their perspective, but you will also be able to hear yourself and by this you may be able to rationalise them. Also one more thing, but a very important thing, is to just keep going and not give up; this feeling that you are having is momentary, you WILL be back in your light soon!




W| By Rebecca Sullivan                                                          @fromthiswindow  

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