We frequently hold an exponential degree of entitlement when less than trivial matters don’t ultimately gravitate in our favor, with a profound belief that despite our capitalistic, mercenary-like mantra and delusional grandeur’s, we are indeed human and still strive for  a greater purpose irrespectively.

There are rose-tinted glasses-wearing, self-righteous elitists who naively – and stubbornly – underscore and orate pseudo intellectual, pompous philosophical lectures daily on the very fabric of hard work, only for a lost generation of daydream believers at large to merely – and validly – reach the door of legitimate destiny as a consolation opposed to entering the premises of the bigger picture itself.  Does this officially warrant failure? A true failure is summarized as somebody who has never attempted or pursued something.

However, be that as it may, subscribing to the very notion of nothing to lose and everything to prove, the would-be disappointment and frustration that often looms is firmly neutralized to where sanity, unequivocal stress, and directional purpose is largely defined with richer clarity and fundamental understanding of the issue itself. Realistic options and greener pastures in finding another ambition that makes us find inner happiness is inevitably an option. We have trusted soundboards who inform us that we are doing outstanding even when we are standing in mediocrity and personal dismay. Without cynicalism, this is a deflection from our goals as a subliminal, insincere jedi mind trick to condition ourselves that we are better than advertised. For instance, social media is a hub where walking on figurative eggshells is transparent in one hundred and forty letters or less.

When one has nothing to lose, it essentially employs that individual to be more driven and intent than before on illustrating that paying dues and consistent excellence is paramount in the specific professional field in which you opt to pursue. As historically proven, sometimes good in life is not good enough. Moreover, the adage of aiming high is omnipresent, yet the role in viewing the glass half full is amended not to half empty, rather a positive and realistic mindset that we are not owed forever and a day. We have become deeply accustomed that reputation defeats merit. We are only as good as our last shot.

When we embark on a new endeavor, remind yourself as to what the bigger picture presents, coupled alongside the integrity and attitude that is exuded to family, friends, and peers similarly. Life is a roulette wheel that will keep spinning, whilst issuing many  chances which we may or may not accept.

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Reflecting on our lives and careers, we often – behind the false pride and panache of everything being ideal – possess moments of grave doubt. We wish to turn back the hands of time to do things differently. We hypocritically wish we could be transformed to a timeframe when adulthood was something we longed for opposed to loathed. We wish we could have the OCD-esque perfectionism and borderline midas touch that we hold within ourselves somewhere in the figment of our imagination. There is nothing to lose in the game of life, nor is there time to harbor or invite regret into your psyche. It is what it is.

What you have experienced has moulded you into the character that stands today. Hard times and false starts on your journey builds strength, character and unprecedented hope and newfound appreciation of what truly matters in life. We are not put here to stay. We are not owed forever and a day. There’s nothing to lose and everything to prove.



W| By Dean Perretta                       @DeanPerretta  

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