Wide awake, staring into the abyss and watching the world go by day in, day out. This is what 9 out of 10 people will do on a daily basis. It is very concerning when we see people just about managing to cope with life and instead struggle to keep up with the pressures it brings.

Each day we will go about on our daily activities so this could be going to college, university or it may just be heading to do some shopping or exercise. Over the week, you are most likely to encounter many battles as well but there is one thing that we need to ask ourselves – How often do we speak to people and tell them how we feel?

Life can be so overwhelming at times, there are times where the pressures will take its toll on us and there will be times where we will face storms on every side. The question we need to ask ourselves is– Do I ever take time to just let it out?

Are you strong enough to tell everybody how you really are? Are you strong enough to let people in so they can see what you are battling with? We are often told that we shouldn’t tell people our problems and that we should deal with them ourselves. That advice can only work for a little while, it’ll only work until the cracks start to appear. Keeping things locked up will break us down piece by piece.

There is nothing wrong in releasing all that you’re holding onto and seeking help from an outside source. Nothing and I repeat NOTHING can come from holding in hurts and stresses.

In the midst of all the trials, why not take aim to take a break. Why not decide to just lock everything off and spend time with yourself and do something that will help you feel much better. This might be writing a journal, going to the gym, meeting up with friends, undertaking meditation, going on a weekend break or even just having quiet time. Allow yourself space to let it out and de- stress.

“Focus on today and let tomorrow worry about itself.”

Letting it out will benefit each and every one of us. We all need to express ourselves, we all need to let off some steam once in a while but it can be really painful when we are told to just ‘man up’ ‘woman up’ or ‘take it on the chest’. That exactly is not what we should be doing but society will tell us that not everyone has time to listen. No matter what, always find time to let it out, always find time to express yourself.

The more you focus on the problems, the more you will sink but the more you focus on the positive, you will find that you can walk on water. Focus on the positive, take life on one day at a time.


W| By Ryan Osborne                                                        @Ryan_Ozzie

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