As far as seasons go, spring can be quite tricky when it comes to entertaining ourselves. Throughout autumn and winter, we can preoccupy ourselves by getting into the holiday festivities or cooking hearty meals to keep ourselves warm, but spring is different. Sure, on sunny days you can go out an explore the world but as soon as those clouds come rolling in its time to get back indoors and keep yourself entertained at home.

So we decided to come up with a few different options that’ll keep boredom at bay this season while we wait for summer to start.

Start Writing

Spring is the season when nature blossoms back into life following the harsh chills of winter, so why not take this chance to reawaken your imagination? The next time you’re stuck with nothing to do, try to sit quietly and delve in the recesses of your mind to see what has been lurking back there in the last couple of months. Let’s face it, winter is the world’s lazy season where we borderline fall into hibernation, so writing could be your way to reignite your creative spirit. You may find yourself inspired to write about the experiences you’ve had over Christmas, or you may just want to set yourself new goals for the upcoming seasons. There are numerous benefits to writing such as an improvement in cognitive abilities and communication skills, so even if you only feel like writing little bits here and there you’re sure to see the benefits.

Play some games 

How could we possibly create a list on how to stop boredom in its tracks without mentioning gaming? You don’t even need to have a console or gaming PC to get involved in games these days, nor do you need to purchase hard copies when you can simply visit sites on the web or download apps onto your smartphone. Moreover, there are more genres than ever so you can invest your time into an MMO such as DC Universe Online or spend your time here and there playing titles like Farmville or Bubble Witch. If you’re a fan of such casual games, you may want to take things a step further and play more recent versions and spinoffs of the genre. For instance, the Money Farm slot game is a themed online slot inspired by Farmville and other popular farm simulators. Instead of spinning the reels to get fruit and symbols, as with classic slots, here you have chickens, sheep, cows and the rest of the usual suspects found on a farm. When this type of game first became popular, some were surprised that we liked spending time simulating agricultural life, but it’s not really that surprising for those of us who miss nature, is it? Especially on a spring afternoon when you’d like to go outside but it’s pouring down.

Read a book

Finally, there’s the most old school boredom crusher of all: reading. Not only will reading a good book make the time fly by, but it also increases your intelligence, helps you to relax and can even help your brain fight off symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Plus, you no longer need to lug around a ton of books in your bag or have your shelves overflowing with titles as you can read digital books on devices such as an ebook reader, your tablet or even your smartphone. If you’re new to reading and you’re not sure what to pick, you can head to sites such as Goodreads where they’ll find new suggestions for you based on your favorites. Alternatively, you could even choose to listen to audio books instead, using software such as Audible, so you can maybe combine this boredom-buster with one of the other two above.

So, what do you think of these suggestions? Would you try any of them out the next time you’re stuck with nothing to do? Let us know in the comments!



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