The first step to achieving greater goals and ascending higher heights is to first learn to begin to appreciate your own journey and to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Too often many of us look at other people and their paths and they compare their journey to others. By doing this, they lose the focus on their own achievements

It is more than a blessing that you have made it into a new year—there are some people who have not made it this far. That alone makes you a very special person and you should appreciate your life and the fact there is so much for you still to do in this world.

Do not look down upon your life and where you are at this present moment in time—it’s only for a season and it is playing its part in your overall story. We all have our own book, our own unique story to tell. Don’t compare yourself to someone else—your life is completely different to theirs and you have an entirely different purpose to fulfil. Appreciate the people you have met along the way in your life so far—some have come and gone, and some have still remained. Do not be discouraged that some have left—they were meant to leave because their purpose to why they came into your life is complete—they have moved aside to let new people come into your life so they can make their contribution.

Whether good or bad—appreciate everything that has happened so far—without it you would have no story to tell. Most of things that have happened to you have happened for a reason and a lesson or a blessing can be taken from them.

Practise gratitude and giving thanks for what you have. Life is without a doubt what you make it. Keep your eyes focused on your path and commit to yourself and your growth and development. When you begin to appreciate and celebrate your life, greater opportunities will come your way.  Be proud of the women or man you have become today, greater opportunities await.








W| By Diana Nortey                                      @LadyDeevine

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