I absolutely love Glowwbox and the quality products that they supply for their consumers. This is the 3rd box I have had the pleasure of being sent to review and once again I was not disappointed. This time around, Glowwbox have collaborated with reputable skincare brand Palmers for a special edition box filled to the brim with high quality goodies for the lips, feet, hand and overall body. I have ensured that I have used each product thoroughly and can give you an honest and detailed feedback on all of the products featured in the box.

What’s so fantastic about this partnership is the realisation that Palmers; the brand that has served womens skin so well is celebrating its 175th year and the brand have continued to grow from strength to strength.

Palmers Foot Magic


There really is nothing better than the way your feet feel after having a pedicure. Although, I had one recently, I have a layer of hardened skin in the centre of my foot which can become quite painful. I used the pure cocoa butter cream enriched with Vitamin E and other natural emollients. The texture of the cream is soft but not running and surprisingly doesn’t leave your skin sticky but instead leaves the skin feeling deeply moisturised. Not only does the foot magic cream contain Vitamin E but it also contains the key ingredients; peppermint oil and mango butter. This not only left the centre of my feet less sore but also helped my feet to feel more revitalised and much more softer than before. It is advised on the back of the product that for extra effect, socks should be put on after each use. I put this into practise and can agree that my feet felt much better after sleeping in cotton socks. To make your feet that more softer, add a tea spoon of olive or almond oil with the cream and be prepared to be overwhelmed.

Palmers Concentrated Cream

                                                                         concentrated cream

The Palmers Concentrated Cream is said to offer you ’24 hour’ moisture and I have to say that I don’t totally agree with that fact as the areas which I used the cream on did become less moisturised much quicker than this. However, after applying the cream to the specific areas, I would say that my skin remained adequately moisturised for over 8 hours which is still a major feat; compared with other products on the market. What’s great about the concentrated cream is that its texture is similar to that of the Palmers Original cream and is not at all too heavy or oily and instead effortlessly glides along the skin. The concentrated cream is made with the hands, elbow, knees and feet (the areas that often become dry and ashy)

What’s also important to note is that it is also sensitive enough to be used by individuals who suffer with the skin condition Eczema. It is also recommended to smooth the appearance of scars and marks. When it comes to the products that I use on my skin, it is essential that they don’t contain parabens or any other harmful chemicals to the skin and it is a major selling feature that this cream is paraben free.

Palmer’s Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm


I would describe myself as a lip gloss/balm Queen. I have so many in my make-up bag and make up box it’s absolutely shocking. However, I am quite happily adding the ultra moisturizing lip balm. It is super moisturising and simply glides along your lips. The moisture level is on epic proportions. Not many lip balms have impressed me over the years as I have found that I need to constantly re-apply every other minute of the day. With the moisturizing lip balm. The moisture and softness of my lips was retained for over 5 hours without the need to add more. I love the size and twist function of the lip balm and the lingering smell of the cocoa. This lip balm is a major winner.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (Original Solid Formula)

Palmers Original

Sometimes there is truth in the fact that the original is best. This cream is perfect for problem areas like the knees, elbows and the back of the foot. In its original solid state; the cream softens to the touch and blends effortlessly. Again, enriched with vitamin E. I’m lucky to not have many scars on my body. Therefore, I can’t give a full review as to whether this formula actually helps. However, from additional reviews I have read online; it is fair to say that many people have found this to be true.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil


I love the smell of Rosehip Oil. Known for its phenomenal results on the skin, I was particularly excited to find out that the Skin Therapy Oil had a rosehip fragrance which is clean and extremely refreshing. The Therapy Oil comes in a petite bottle which comes fully equipped with a pump nozzle which makes it easier to apply. Described as a ‘multi-purpose skin perfection product’. The complex helps to improve the skins penetration into the epidermal layer of the skin. It is non-greasy and is said to enhance and improve the appearance of scars stretch marks and dry and damaged skin as well as uneven skin tone. The Skin Therapy Oil contains a number of essential and beneficial oils for the skin including: Canola Oil and Sesame Seed Oil.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil  (Face)


It may not be used for this reason but I found that the therapy oil was a great alternative to make up remover, particularly on the eyes(you can thank me later!). The make up simply slid off of my face which is particularly helpful when you return home after a long day at work. The Therapy Oil contains Retinol which has been proven to help and develop the skin as well as the essential Vitamin C. This oil is the most impressive as it contains the following oils: Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Camelina Oil and Sunflower Oil. (That was a mouthful!) These 10 pure oils help to moisturise the skin and helps to improve and brighten the overall tone and texture. The non-greasy formula is amazing and my skin felt brilliant after. This is my favourite product from the entire selection.

Overall Rating

 The Glowwbox Palmers Special Edition is phenomenal. Palmers is a brand you can trust and each and every product was effective in one way or another. It is a great way for appreciators of the original cocoa butter to explore the expansive range and to see what else Palmers have developed. I found all of the products were of a high quality and did exactly as they said the would. With Glowwbox growing in popularity; this collaboration is one that sets them head and shoulders above the competition. A fantastic and worthy investment for the modern day woman that wants to access high quality beauty and hair products without breaking the bank. 

Visit the Official Glowwbox website HERE to find out how you can purchase yours as well as to see what else the site has to offer.



+Please note this special edition box is only available to be purchased until 6th August so make sure you get yours!

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