#HealthMatters| iamYiam Launch @ V&A Museum

The reception area of the Victoria & Albert Museum was a spectacular venue for the packed iamYiam launch. A wellbeing site which uses bio technology and genetics to formulate your own unique natural health plan.

iamYiam.com aims to revolutionise the lucrative wellness industry and become the world’s foremost natural and wellbeing hub by organising and simplifying access to the wellness market. They claim to combine ancient wisdom and modern health practices to formulate personalised and actionable natural health plans for everyone eventually, but starting with busy overlooked Londoners.





Young woman sitting in Lotus position at the park and doing breathing exercises.

This event was perfectly timed, early February is usually when New Years’ resolutions are broken, the gym begins to be neglected and the sweets start to creep back into the daily diet Fitness and health has morphed into the ‘wellness industry’ which as bombarded us with superfoods, vegan diets, gluten free products and a ‘must do’workout every week. For Londoners who often search for a quick fix to fit wellness into our lifestyles many never achieve their goals and may find that a more comprehensive approach would be beneficial.

How does it work?

iamYiam has devised a unique algorithm based on 12,000 academic research papers and gene markers which help to decide which therapies and therapists are best depending on your specific requirements.

These could include, curing insomnia, reducing anxiety, lowering stress, recovering from injury or the most popular choice which is an overall improvement in wellbeing. Your fitness goals and diet are also recorded.

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You are given 3 choices to help start your ultimate wellness journey, but all new users are encouraged to go for the full experience which includes ordering genetic profiling (costing £387) which will fine tune the bio-metrically balanced plan and provide ready made recommend experiences to help achieve the best possible health for your age and lifestyle. You will also get a nutrition plan to ensure your diet will enhance your results.

Once genetics, scientific recommendations and your own wellness goals are taken into consideration you will receive a fully functional health plan and can then book the most appropriate experience for your needs from the database of leading practitioners, all experts in their field and based in London covering Yoga, Pilates, Acupuncture, Reflexology and many more services.

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iamYiam is founded by Lorena Pica, an extreme athlete and published author with an obsession for all things wellness. Last year she ran 7 marathons in 7 continents in 10 days for charity.
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iamYiam have a huge goal and a lot of work ahead of them, they have plans to expand nationally and internationally and aim to enhance the health and wellbeing of 1 billion people by 2025.

Visit their official site Here


W| By Marianne Miles        @MissMMiles                         #HealthMatters

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#KPop #MusicMatters: GFRIEND – “Rough” (Video)

MTV EMA-nominated K-Pop superstars GFRIEND present brand new single entitled “Rough”, which has officially witnessed the elated offering swiftly garnering over 6.3 million views on YouTube; “Rough” is currently #1 on the Korean MNet Chart and is lifted from GFRIEND’s successful third EP entitled “Snowflake”; “Snowflake” debuted at #10 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

The charismatic and empowering six-member girl group – who rose to prominence in South Korea in 2015 – saw “Rough” exceed 300,000 downloads on iTunes; Billboard heralded GFRIEND as one of the Top 5 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2015. GFRIEND’s charming crossover appeal has seen the K-Pop group score major endorsement deals in Asia with Akii Classic and Hosigi Fried Chicken, whilst capturing the worldly imagination of music aficionados overseas.

GFRIEND’s “Rough” is an idyllic slice of K-Pop perfection and poses no signs of losing its red-hot momentum throughout Asia. GFRIEND continues the girl power revolution in Asia, whereas simultaneously advancing from strength to strength since their well-documented debut one year ago. “Rough” is a pure K-Pop single gem to ensure that even the most jaded K-Pop critic will fall in love at first sight with the South Korean megastars.




W| By Dean Perretta                         @DeanPerretta                      Via @InspireLSMusic

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#1 2 Watch| Singer Luci Monet

Singer/Songwriter Lucianne – better known by her stage name Luci Monét – is a proud East Londoner, born and raised in Hackney to Nigerian parents.

Luci learned to sing in church which ignited her passion for music and her steadfast religious beliefs. At 18, she decided she was ready to show the world her skills, entering ITV’s X Factor.  Unfortunately, she didn’t make it through to the finals which were eventually won by Leona Lewis, but the competition did increase Luci’s musical ambitions and from there she set her sights on becoming a world class recording artist and has finally followed her passion by releasing the new singles ‘Balloons’ and ‘Testify’.

Which is the better creative outlet, singing or song-writing?

This is a tough one, I’d probably say singing. I love to write songs but even when I have a cold I hate not being able to sing and express myself properly. (Laughs)

Tell us about your creative process, how do you begin writing a song and what lets you know that it’s finally finished?

I usually have to be in the right zone to really write good material. I prefer to have a beat there already that I can just vibe to and get a feeling of the track, then I’ll grab my voice recorder and start playing around with melodies and lyrics.

I know when I’m onto something because it’s like a penny drops half way through with the beat and then I’m off. it’s literally like the lyrics and melody start flowing out, like I’ve opened some kind of mental door and the words start pouring out. What let’s me know the song is finished is when I sing it to myself prior to recording it in the studio and I start giggling. I know it sounds weird but when I finish writing a song that I feel is a hit and I sing it back to myself I get this giddy giggly feeling and that’s when I know it’s finished and ready to record.

You are deeply religious, how does your faith affect your song writing and song choices?

I try to acknowledge God in everything I do, it’s not always easy but I always try. So for example there are some songs that I won’t listen to because what it promotes is contrary to the word of God. There are times when I have been writing a song and I just don’t feel right within myself about the content of what I am writing so I have to find an alternative angle to write it or choose a different topic altogether. I think it’s important to stay true to your morals and beliefs; especially in this industry.

Does your religion ever affect your fashion or beauty choices or your stage performances?

Yes, I know that the female body is very sensual and can be easily lusted after and some items of clothing are worn for the purpose of drawing attention to sensual parts of the body. I try to stay away from things like that. But it’s not like I have to go out of my way to not wear certain outfits, it’s just that I don’t have a desire to dress in that way. I’m more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a crop top so that’s what I would prefer to wear. I don’t really wear much make up either to be honest. I love eye make up, but I’m not really a contour queen.  I adopt the natural look with a bit of lippy and eye liner. Sometimes less is more. I guess maybe my religion does play a part in me wanting to be modest with beauty and make up and may have affected my own personal taste. With performances, my religion doesn’t affect it at all, I love performing and it’s a talent that I’ve been blessed with so when I perform I’m using my talent and it’s also showing God’s glory by showcasing what he has blessed me with.

Testify cover

Tell us about your experience on X Factor…

X Factor was an interesting experience. I was part of a 3-piece girl group back then. The first 2 auditions were with the producers of the show, we passed those and then got to audition for the judges. These were the auditions in the room with just you and the judges and the big X on the ground. We had planned a singing entrance, we walked in to our audition singing and performing a routine, it was actually sick. The judges loved it, especially Simon, then we performed our audition song. That’s when Simon told me to go solo. It was like a lump in my throat, probably my biggest fear back then, I did not know what to do and he could tell. The other members of the group were my best friends and I felt like even if I wanted to say yes I just couldn’t. So I said “no”, luckily Simon gave us a second chance, because I said “no” he gave us twenty minutes to go away and think of another song so that’s exactly what we did. We felt like this was it, like this was our shot and this set back was all just part of adding to the success story. We went back and performed and got through.  We got through the first stage of boot camp but we did not get through to the judges houses. It was an amazing experience, but would I do it again? No!

If you got to the final 3 who would you have liked to collaborate with?

Probably Drake, Kano or Swedish House Mafia.

What are your professional goals?  No. 1 single?  World tour?  International stardom?

I want to be internationally successful and I will be. I will also have many number 1 singles and be a regular Top Ten artist. For now, my main focus is building my Fan Base.

Who are your favourite UK artists?

I don’t have a favourite but I’ve always liked Kano, Lady Leshurr, I’m liking what Stormy is doing at the moment as well. Also Shakka is a fantastic outfit.

What’s on your playlist right now?

On my playlist now is Krept and Konan “The Long Way Home” and my debut album coming out this year “Alive”


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W| By Marianne Miles                                          @MissMMiles                        Via @InspireLSMusic        


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