#FashionINspired | Missguided x Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle, the 88 year old grandma has teamed up with global fashion brand Missguided. The collaboration signifies another bold and fearless move for the brand as they build upon their empowering #BabesofMissguided movement. The campaign’s anti-commercial approach shows the diverse and unique side to the brand. Baddie’s love of eccentric style, rap music and bling sets the tone for the aesthetic of the shoot, featuring sequins and faux fur coats.

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@InspireLSBeauty | Revlon Taps Ciara as Global Brand Ambassador

Revlon has announced that Ciara, entertainer, model and fashion icon, is joining the Revlon family as the newest Global Brand Ambassador. Ciara is a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, dancer and producer with over 23 million records sold and 16 million singles worldwide. Ciara believes that when you choose to love yourself first, you are more open to the love of others, which makes her the ideal match for Revlon’s LOVE IS ON™ positioning. “As a woman who exemplifies confidence and beauty, Ciara is a perfect Ambassador to represent Revlon,” said Revlon President & CEO Mr. Fabian Garcia.

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@InspireLSBeauty | 10 Tips For Skin Perfection

There is nothing better than having soft smooth skin. It makes it easier to put makeup on and it just feels refreshed after you use a mask on it. The only problem is that everyone has different skin types and what works for one person might not work for another. That is why we have compiled a list of our favorite top 10 products for skin perfection. We want you to achieve the skin you have always desired. The best part is that you can still achieve full beauty by using coupons to get a better price and all women love a deal on their favorite beauty products.

1. Exfoliate
Exfoliating works to get all the dirt off of your skin. It will make you feel as young as you feel. There are many brands and types on the market so use the one that works best for you.


2. An Easy Going Concealer
Works to hide your acne without making your face look like a pepperoni pizza. No, really some concealers are so heavy that they just bring on the grease and make it more difficult to get rid of the acne with the next product.


3. Get Rid of Those Pimples
There are great tools on the market today that can get rid obnoxious pimples from heat to other tools and then by using a sialic acid to dry out the oils in the skins. You will be on your way to a healthy glow.


4. Moisturizer
This not only stops your skin from drying out but also allows makeup to stay on better. Don’t forget about the added benefits of using it for SPF protection from the sun, a very important step in a skin care regimen.


5. Primer
Primer works well to shrink your pores so that when you put makeup on your face looks much smoother. You will definitely want this as part of your collection it is an important step in the process.

Set of eyeshadow and a cream primer on a dressing table

6. Masks
If you have never used a mask they have all kinds on the market. Some masks work to shrink pores and others work to provide you with a tint of color. No matter what they are for your face will feel pulled together after you use one.



7. Foundation
Is an important way to make yourself look much younger so make sure to use it. Just beware that you can use too much or apply it wrong and end up with streaks. Spread foundation outward in a circle motion and make sure to cover your neck too.


8. Get Rid of The Bags
Before you do anything make sure to use a product to define and eliminate bags under the eyes. You will be glad that you did.


9. Eliminate the Shine
There are products that work to stop that shine in the oiliest part of the face. You won’t regret trying them out as there is nothing worse than the wet look.


10. Loose Powder
Loose powder works to smooth your skin and add the finishing touch. It will also stop you from glowing and sweating too much, especially under bright lights.





W| Via @InspireLSBeauty            

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#POTD | What Is The Greatest Pleasure In Life?

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

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#FashionInspired | Staying Warm With These Wardrobe Essentials

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, full of rich colours and the leaves falling off the trees. However, as we venture outdoors to enjoy the weather and scenery it is important to ensure we are dressing appropriately. Discussed below are some absolute essentials to include in your wardrobe to ensure you are ready for the colder weather.

#1. Jumpers

Jumpers are a very important part of anyone’s fall wardrobe. Available in every style and colour imagine, finding the perfect jumper for fall is a piece of cake. Warm knits do wonders at keeping the seasonal cold away and keeping you comfortable all day long, indoors or out. Look for a warm jumper made of natural materials, such as wool, like those from Aran Crafts and opt for higher quality, as it will be more comfortable and last through many autumns to come.



#2. Wool Socks

If your feet are cold all of you will feel cold no matter how appropriately dressed for the autumn weather you are. Make certain you have a few quality pairs of wool socks to keep your feet warm and dry in the chilly season, allowing you to make the most of the beautiful outdoors this time of year. Wool socks are available in a wide range of colours and patterns so finding some that match your wardrobe or reflect your inner personality is never a problem.


#3. Scarves

A scarf is a fantastic accessory, especially in the autumn season. Depending on the temperature you may opt for a lightweight cotton scarf or a warmer woollen knitted scarf for colder days. A scarf can be a stylish and elegant accessory as they are available in any colour or pattern imaginable. There are endless variations on how to drape or tie them that can not only provide extra protection from the elements but look great as well.


#4. Hats and Gloves

Hats and gloves are a necessity for enjoying the outdoors during the fall season. It is important to keep the top of your head and your hands warm, as those are prime areas where our bodies lose heat. Some people groan at the idea of putting a hat over their hair, afraid of messing it up, but simply choose a hat that fits with your style preferences and looks good on you.


#5. A Good Pair of Boots

While it is not necessary to pull out the snow boots rated for freezing temperatures quite yet it is important to have a good pair of lined boots to help keep your feet warm and dry throughout the autumn season. A great pair of fall boots will feature a warm lining of some sort, such as flannel or wool and are usually made of leather or leather-like products to keep the warmth in and the weather out.


#6. A Lightweight Jacket

Sometimes on cooler, brisk days a jumper is not enough to keep yourself warm outside. A lightweight jacket is a wardrobe essential during the autumn months. Be careful not to choose anything too heavy as you don’t want to be too warm under the sun and if it is too bulky it will infringe on your mobility unnecessarily. You may wish to consider a waterproof fabric or a hood to keep the wind out of your ears.


#7. Cardigans

At least one or two cardigans are essential to any autumn wardrobe. A nice warm cardigan provides you an extra layer of warmth against the chill and winds of colder weather and can help you make use of some of your favourite warmer weather pieces by being able to wear them underneath.



Having a proper autumn wardrobe is essential! You need appropriate clothes to properly enjoy the autumn season and avoid getting too cold, making yourself susceptible to illness.

If you ensure all of the above mentioned pieces are included in your wardrobe you are all set to look and feel great throughout the entire season.





W| By David Milsont                                              @DMilsont                  Via @Inspirelstrends

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#MusicMondays | Paigey Cakey – Pattern

Kinda speechless, though don’t need to speak; just type. She may be little but boy is she mighty! I’ve heard some of UK rapper Paigey Cakey’s music before and she is one artist who delivers time and time again.

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#BeInspired | Jamaica’s Kemoy Campbell’s Rio 2016 Experience

One might say that experiencing the Olympic games is a dream come true and indeed it was. Every moment leading up to the games was spent carefully preparing and anticipating for such a historical and important moment in my career and life. People who know me were proud of the fact that I had qualified for the games because they knew that I had worked extremely hard to get the opportunity running for a country who is not known for distance, but more so sprinting.

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#DayInTheLife | WAVEN’s Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator Shamele Cato

Nothing is more inspiring than women who are following their passions and going after what they want in their careers. To launch our #DayInTheLife series In-spire LS Magazine and Contributor and entrepreneur Natalie Leonna caught up with career woman Shamele Cato who is the Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator for rising fashion brand Waven to gain more insight into what a day in the life of a Digital Marketing Coordinator actually entails as well as showcasing her top fashion pieces from Waven as well as sharing her hand bag essentials…

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