Anne-Marie is one of the pre-legends of the scene. She’s a local girl from Essex who went to drama school and loved to perform Motown classics. Her backing singer is her best friend and her sister; which makes for a very interesting and engaging performance; as both women know exactly what they’re aiming to do and how they’re going to perform it.

The energy through her performance was very intimate and you almost felt that you were chilling with a mate; with a band on the stage and another thousand friends. Not many artists can say they can do this and do it so effortlessly.

Her stage manner as a performer; is one of the best I have ever seen and is most definitely exceptional to say the least. It’s very informal and very fun and very cheerful. She was very humble and extremely appreciative of her audience. I would go as far as saying that I felt special. She was so warm and grateful to be on the stage. They honestly do not make talents like this very often.

Too many artists don’t know how to convey such emotions and humility. In my opinion, there are two types of artists. There are those who feel like they deserve to be on the stage; no doubt, no questions asked and there are those who believe the same thing but never take a second of performing for a crowd for granted.  She expressed appreciation that the show was sold out and also the fact that much of the audience was from surrounding areas of Essex.  This was pretty much an amazing thing as 95% of the audience were female and from her hometown.

I first sat up and paid attention to Anne-Marie after hearing a track that was an RnB infused with pop track titled ‘Do It Right’. Which is such a banger! And the hook was so seductive and so clever and the backing vocals was on point. I decided from that point that the moment I hear that this woman is performing; I’m there! With absolutely no hesitation, I got my ticket and made sure I was there and seriously; what a night!

She is a fantastic act who although is talented, doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I love an artist who simply enjoys making music and evidently shows they’re doing what they love.

Anne-Marie is simply AMAZING live! #GoAnneMarie #TeamAnneMarie.

But to summarise, if you’re not already watching this artist then you’re missing out. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be seeing this artist much more over the coming months.

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W| By Jason De Grey                                          @JasonDeGrey

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