Hunger-riddled hypothetical predecessors for current global sporting champions have often left mass media at large, to create internal and external issues for young prodigal lions; whose reckless intent lies on prizing the spotlight away from the attention-starved grizzled greats and their intense need to consumes their pursuit of fame-heightening happiness or dissatisfaction. The psychologically massaging of ego of a superstar-in-the-making can indeed spawn a problem.

There is however only one problem, his name?  Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner.

With a mindblowing professional boxing record of – 26 bouts – 26 victories – 22 Knockouts – 0 Losses; which has many experts drawing comparison to reigning WBA Super Light Middleweight Champion – Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Jr, 36.

Broner, 23, shares a mirror image of Mayweather, Jr  in relation to his boastfully braggart demeanour that is welcomed with open arms by the Hip-Hop generation than observational traditionalists; along with a camp of pro-culture cronies which brush the brash brawlers hair during Mandlay Bay introductions and immodest post-fight interviews.  Cincinnati, Ohio-born, Adrien Broner, is largely acknowledged to be wildly imposing and superiorly powerful likewise than Mayweather at twenty-three (2000); yet Broner isn’t meekly blessed with the god-given fluidity offense of the domineering Grand Rapids, Michigan native.

“A lot of people see me fight, but they don’t see the hard work I’ve put in, the troubles I went through. Gym work is a natural high for me. I can be having the worst day in the world and go in the gym and forget everything. I run six miles every day in the high altitude of Colorado Springs … In this training camp alone, I’ve broken two guys’ noses and cracked another guys’ ribs.  I’m ready.” noted Broner about his work ethic.

Quicker-than-a-hiccup hand speed and supreme shoulder roll defence is the bread and butter forte of Broner that resonates with fervent fans of the sweet science; a similar attribute to that of number one ranked pound-for-pound athlete in boxing presently, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

With the heralded heavyweight division proverbially hijacked by Ukranian Goliath  Vladimir Klitchko, 36; possessing an unorthodox, yet effective style, has vastly alienated North American fight subscribers, that have effectively sought solace in a New York City-paced,  ultra-aggressive, attitudinal weight division, that has been the pinnacle feature in recent memory.

Can Adrien Broner become the marquee attraction-al box office hit with pay-per-view buy rates sky rocketing through the ceiling? With the smoke-and-mirror politics and rigged strings-pulled heritage of the sport, without affecting his exceptional talent – Certainly. Legendary promoter, Frank Warren, has given his full blessing and certified endorsement of Broner replacing Mayweather, as the next generation starts to form. Mayweather is undeniably the messiah of the sport for garnering attention when the torch urgently needed to be passed, along with superstar Filipino hitman, Manny Pacquio, who both single-handedly placed the undivided attention of the weight division to mainstream suburban America and beyond.

Entertainment conglomerates in: ‘Dancing With The Stars’, MTV, and WWE orchestrated major multi-million dollar partnerships with Mayweather; which saw his self-serving brand marketed to the apex, without inflicting the treacherously and rigorous rounds of the sweat-inducing ring. This is sheerly not a popularity contest, but a quench to be the ultimate knockout king, and taking the sport out of the doldrums once more; as the growing giant that is UFC has proven its stern mettle as a worthy competitor in world-class arenas and on television screens worldwide.

Adrien Broner left former British and European champion, Gavin Rees, 32, at his disposal in Atlantic City, NJ in the Boardwalk Hall on February 17 with 2:59 tactful TKO into the fifth round, to extend his rampant undefeated run. In addition, Broner is ranked number ten in pound-for-pound fighters on the planet.

Rumours are circulating that Broner will agree to take on Scotsman, Ricky Burns, 29, (37 bouts – 35 wins – 2 losses) throughout some stage in 2013; in what will be one of the biggest boxing bouts of the year.

If a then heyday 20-year old, Cus D’Amato mentored ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, distanced the notion of being likened to iconic boxing bad-asses Floyd Patterson and Sonny Liston after becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history, then Broder repeat history, and can walk out of another man’s shadow and into the path of punching perfection.

The boxing industry is as savvy, as it is shady. Public Enemy once notified the world with the defiant declaration of ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’. In the case of Adrien Broner, it’s the refreshing real deal that is ready to take the world by storm….Are you Ready? Let’s get rumble!

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W|  By Dean Perretta

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