You could take it as when the suns come out, so do we and in more ways than one. It’s officially blast out great music season and we’re so here for it. We’ve been totally obsessed with a few oldies and newbies of late and because we want to share the fun, we want you to be obsessed with them too. So much so, we’ve decided to make this a regular feature. So grab your ipod, log into I-Tunes and get read to enjoy the melodic vibes. I’ms starting to believe I’ve missed my ultimate calling and should have been a DJ! Enjoy!

Azealea Banks – Anna Wintour

Image- Pitchfork

Just like marmite, Ms Banks is one of those artists, you either love her or hate her. However, for me; I’ve always been a fan of the dope beats she puts out. She is a triple threat as she can rap, write and has an exceptional singer voice which is further demonstrated in this straight banger. This week, Ms Banks entered into the US dance charts with this song and there is no real surprise there as this song is amazing. From the moment I heard the opening rhythm I was  transfixed. The beat and the vocals as well as the fiery rap verse has No.1 hit written all over it. Within 2 weeks, Anna Wintour gained over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone, and is her quickest viewed video to date. The video has been a hit and miss for some, as some have found that it needed more than just her just gyrating and showing off her perfectly perky nipples, but I think it’s simple and effective and the choreography goes perfectly with this track.

Anna Wintour is the lead track from Azealea’s forthcoming album titled Fantasea II : The Second Wave. The overall productive of this highly addictive track was handled by Junior Sanchez. This is one song you need to bopping your heads to in your car or throwing it down to in the club. Fire!! 5/5

Dappy – Oh My- feat Ay Em

Dappy- All Rights Reserved

I’ve never been much of an ‘N Dubz’ fan but boy did I know a few who would die for the trio. However, whilst the attention was often shone on Tulisa, having become an X Factor Judge and leading girl group Little Mix to victory. I’ve always believed it was Dappy that possessed the most talent and had the potential to move on to more bigger and better things. No Regrets was a clear example of this, but I’m absolutely in love with his new laid back and perfect for summer track ‘Oh My’ featuring Ay Em. The visuals are simple but they really don’t need to be complicated. It’s simply a great, fun song with beautiful women, great dancing, a strong rap by the feature artist and an overall positive vibe. Dappy, we salute you.

Zion B- Stepped In

Image- Supastarztv

I first heard a snippet of this on Instagram and was hooked straight away. Zion is a truly talented young man and having been on the scene for quite a while, his debut song is a strong indication of what more is to come. Again, a nice, simple video showing young kids as just that kids. Vibing and having a great time and being completely unapologetic about it. There’s a great amount of talent in this video and it’s a positive representation of young people overall. The song itself is highly addictive, i’ve had it on replay for weeks and still haven’t grown tired of it yet. Stepped In is definitely a summer hit and one I expect to be hearing all summer long.

Mutya Buena – Just a Litle Bit

Image- Metro Lyrics

You see the thing about being in a girl band is that when you go solo, your great works can often go forgotten. However, us being music lovers while out and about retail shopping heard this banger in the background and thought it was only right to bring it back to your attention so you never, ever make the mistake of disregarding this classic and timeless track. Just a Little Bit is a track which displays Mutya’s amazing vocal range and highlights her phenomenal talent. Reminiscent of the swinging sixties, this track would have been perfectly placed in that era and is a phenomenal and highly enjoyable solid offering from a music artist who has a lot more to give.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Summertime

Image- Youtube

Let’s face it guys, summer just wouldn’t be summer without taking this out of the music vault and playing it over and over again. Still as addictive and brilliant as it was back in May 1991 (when I was 4 years old!) It was the lead single from their then fourth studio album Homebase. It went on to become a super smash hitting the number one spot on the US Hot RnB/Hip-Hop charts as well as reaching #4 on the Billboard 100. A song that transcends culture, race and time and will continue to be the track that epitomises how great summer time can be.




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